#FitIndiaMovement: Fitness icon Mandira Bedi’s workout and diet plan

Mandira Bedi grabbed the eyeballs with TV shows like ‘Shanti’, ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’, for playing Preeti in 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge' and for proving that women can host cricket matches too. She has tried everything from acting to anchoring and even fashion designing and aced it all. In the recent years, we’ve also come to remember and admire her for being a fitness icon. Here, the 45-year-old yummy mummy, who is committed to her fitness routine, reveals what keeps her looking super svelte and fit!


Known for her fit frame and vivacious personality and having won a stunt show on television, Mandira Bedi is considered an epitome of fitness. Mandira who has the most captivating and fit body is very much disciplined about her workout and her diet plan. “I work out for five days a week. Along with cardio, I swim and run. I run, once every ten days. Also, I run throughout the monsoon. So far, I have participated in 2 half marathons.”


She added, “One can do a complete body weight work out without any equipment – right from squats to jumping jacks. Carry things like running shoes, resistance bands and skipping ropes, which are light and hardly take up space in your luggage.” Take a look at Mandira Bedi’s weight loss journey after pregnancy, and how she made it possible.

Mandira Bedi’s workout schedules:

Plan 1:
1 minute jumping jacks (15 reps)
1 minute inch walk
1 minute jumping jack
15 reps shoulder raises
1 minute inch walk
15 side lateral raises
1 minute jumping jacks
Upright row with kettle bell (25 reps)
1 minute inch walk
15 push-ups

Plan 2:

1 minute jump squats
1 minute alternate toe touch with dumbbells
1 minute plank jacks
1 minute left shoulder dumb bell raises with squats
1 minute burpee with vertical step
1 minute right shoulder dumb bell raises with squats
1 minute alternate squats on step
1 minute sit-ups on a reclining bench
1 minute jumping jacks
1 minute calf raises on step

Total work out time for each set: 10:30 min

30 second break between after a set of reps

6 set with a 2 minute break between sets


Speaking about her diet, Mandira who is the poster girl for fitness said, “In the morning, I have a cold coffee and a banana before working out. I am a vegetarian but I eat eggs. My Lunch consists of roti, dal and subzi. Dinner is light  — either a salad or home-made food (except roti). Also, I have a weakness for chocolate – be it desserts or ice cream and binges on cakes.”

Mandira signed off by advising, “Make healthy diet and exercise your lifestyle. Not necessary that you have to enrol in the gym. But, be physically active and walk or run for 45 minutes daily.”