Feeling sleepy in office? Here’s how to avoid it

Doctors explain if you don’t get a proper night’s sleep your body does not get the adequate energy to work throughout the day. You feel tired and this immediately affects your work

Being sleep deprived can affect efficacy of painkillers, says study
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Have you ever fallen asleep on your office desk? Have you ever thought about taking a nap? Have you rested your head on the desk for a few seconds? If you ask these questions to anyone, 90 per cent of them would say yes

But, do you know why you feel sleepy during the work hours? No, then wait, the experts are here to explain the reason behind this. Experts state that the main reason for feeling sleepy in office is a lack of sleep.

Dr Sagar Karia, a psychiatrist attached to Mumbai’s civic-run Sion Hospital explained the possible cause. He said, “When the nature of your work doing is the same for a longer duration of time, you tend to get bored and people feel sleepy. Extended working hours, no communication with colleagues, no use of electronic gadgets, family problems, and mental stress are the possible cause which makes you to feel sleepy in office.”

A research published by American Heart Society suggested people should get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day. Otherwise, the person is likely to suffer from heart ailments and stroke.

Dr Arif Todmod, an Ayurveda practitioner from Solapur, Maharashtra, said, “Due to the work pressure, people reach home late. So, while waking up in the morning they feel tired. If you have not slept adequately, you may lazy and weak. This also contributes to sleepiness in the office.”

What should we do in order to avoid feeling lethargic in the office?

  • Exercise regularly
  • Have your meals on time
  • Get adequate sleep
  • Eat nutritious food
  • Avoid junk food
  • Take a small break from work and take a walk