Father finds a new paradise for ‘Aaradhya’

The four-year-old, who underwent a heart transplant on September 05, after waiting for more than a year to get a donor heart, will soon be discharged. Now, she is set to be shifted to an infection-free residence in Taloja

A new paradise for ‘Aaradhya’

Aaradhya Mule, the four-year-old, who underwent a heart transplant in the month of September, is all set to be discharged from the hospital by the end of this week. Also, she will be shifting to her Taloja residence to avoid infections.

A new paradise for ‘Aaradhya’

Life-long immuno-suppressants medicines and some restrictions are very much a part of a process for those who have undergone a heart transplant.

Owing to this, her father has now shifted to her Taloja residence,  for a year, so that Aaradhya is kept away from any possible infection.

“After the transplant, we have to follow strict restrictions which include that she can’t be out for long and cannot, under any circumstance be getting any infection. So I have made all arrangements for Aaradhya to stay in our new flat in Taloja for a year, after which we shall be coming back to our residence in Kalamboli,” said Yogesh.

Aaradhya has now been shifted to a special ward from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Celebrations took place which included a cake-cutting ceremony. The cake was made by the ICU doctor’s. The video of which was posted by Yogesh immediately.

Aaradhya was diagnosed with end-stage heart disease called dilated cardiomyopathy in April 2016. It is a heart condition where the heart’s pumping efficiency drops considerably. It is a condition where the heart becomes very weak and enlarged, thereby, affecting the blood reaching lungs, liver and other organs.

A new paradise for ‘Aaradhya’

In August this year, Aaradhya’s father Yogesh managed to get a donor heart for his daughter after waiting for a year. Ever since 2016, Yogesh Mule has been working relentlessly in order to urge people to donate. While talking My Medical Mantra today morning, he said, “More and more people need to be made aware about organ donation. We waited for over a year and let me tell you, the suffering that Aaradhya has undergone can’t be expressed.”

With only 10 per cent of her heart function, she was admitted in hospital every fortnight for two to three days. So far, since the diagnosis, she has been hospitalised 20 times and was home bound.