Help her, as raising funds is the last hope to save her

Pooja Agarwal has been battling her ailment like a true fighter. Her struggle against the internal hernia has led to her family exhausting their funds. She has already undergone a laparotomy along with four major surgeries and needs to undergo a final one to get treated of this ailment. The family is trying their best now to gather the required amount through fundraisers

Family seeks to crowdfund surgery for a woman with rare ailment

  • Relief from unbearable pain is the wish of every individual who is suffering from severe ailments. Such is the wish of Pooja Agarwal, a 27-year-old who is fighting against all odds in the hope to recover from a rare ailment.
  • What started out as a minor stomach ache, progressed to being diagnosed as transmesenteric hernia.
  • Due to this rare disease, Pooja had to undergo emergency surgery where 65 per cent of her small intestine had to be removed.

Pooja, a media professional has currently left her job owing to her illness. The actual treatment is costing Pooja’s family appropriately 50 lakhs out of which they have managed to pay 23 lakhs, however they require additional funds for her next surgery.

She had an emergency operation because of hernia induced gangrene of the small intestine and 2/3rd of her small intestine was removed in August.

She was subjected to 5 major surgeries of her abdomen from 25th August to 11th November 2017,” said Dr Sachin Vaze, GI specialist at Jehangir Hospital.

“It is estimated that if everything goes well, she needs to undergo the final surgery of connecting her leftover 5 ft. small intestine to the large intestine and stomach. The total cost is coming to almost a crore of rupees,” said Dr Vaze

Her friends and family are crowdfunding to raise money for her treatment. “For Pooja’s family even a small donation from your end matters a lot. We will be more than grateful to you,” said Sanjay Singh, Pooja’s friend who is anchoring the crowdfunding campaign.

To help Pooja: