Fake cosmetic sellers to face the music

Various companies that manufacture beauty products are registered with the Maharashtra State Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Still, incidents of buying and selling of fake cosmetic products are on rise. Owing to which, Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration is set to take an important step


The FDA has the right to keep a hold on the cosmetics companies only. Accordingly licensed companies are registered with the FDA. But there is no restriction on cosmetics vendors. In this regard, the FDA administration is planning to take an important step by registering the license holder vendors. Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Arjun Khadtare, Joint-commissioner (drugs) said, “Cosmetic industry is booming and there is an increase in the sale of cosmetic products. Often, fake products are sold under the name of a renowned brand at a lesser price. Though, the consumers buy it but it can have a negative impact on health.”

He added, “Under Drugs and Cosmetics Act, cosmetic manufacturing companies are registered by FDA. The contract changes every year. The FDA has no control over retailers selling cosmetics. Due to which, the cosmetic products are sold. So to stop it, now, the FDA is planning to get them registered as well.”

Dr Pallavi Darade is the commissioner of FDA Maharashtra said, “FDA doesn’t have the records of the vendors who sell cosmetic products. So, we are planning to get them register in order to curb the selling of the cosmetic products. The registerion will be online and by this, the FDA will also be able to generate the revenue. In the year, Rs 500 are taken for registration. There are approximately 5 lakhs to 6 lakhs in Mumbai.Including beauty parlours. So, yearly, 25 to 30 crore of profit is estimated.”

Dr Kshama Vibhakar, a Mumbai-based dermatologist said, “Cosmetic products of bad quality can be harmful. As, often, these products contain steroids, which cause spots and wrinkles on the face and then many women approach treating it. Every year, 1 to 2 patients visit me. The products are sold in beauty parlours and salons. Due to which FDA has decided to get them registered.”

Dr Nitin Nadkarni who is a dermatologist also supported this move. “Fake cosmetic products have been sold on the large scale. At railway station too, these products are sold at a cheap rate. These can cause reaction on the face. Due to FDA’s move the vendors now will not be able to sell it,” said Nadkarni.