Expert opinion on cancer treatment just a click away

Web portal Navya network has tied up with Tata Memorial Centre and National Cancer Grid to provide this service for patients across the world

Computerization of healthcare system

In order to get expert opinion online, cancer patients can log on to web portal Navya (, upload their reports and receive an expert’s reply in their inbox by following a simple 3-step process.

Online expert opinion service is offered by Tata Memorial Centre and National Cancer Grid through Navya system, which is a clinical information and patient services organisation.

“It is an online system which provides expert opinions to patients across India and gives them an opportunity to access decisions of renowned experts in their inbox,” said Dr CS Pramesh, Professor, thoracic surgery at Tata Memorial Centre and coordinator at National Cancer Grid.

Explaining the 3-step process, he said a patient who visits the website, needs to register online.

“First step is submission of medical reports online. Second step is where experts review them and in third step, patient will then get expert opinion through mail or on user profile registered with Navya,” said Pramesh.

He said experts are highly experienced oncologists in different types of cancer, such as breast, lung and oral cancer.

“On the basis of medical reports, these experts suggest required treatment like surgery or radiation therapy. Further, a patient can refer expert opinion to the concerned doctor treating them,” said Pramesh.

This entire process, from submission of reports to getting opinion, takes 3 to 7 days.

For Indian patients, processing fee is Rs5,000 and for foreign patients it is 100$.