Exclusive: What Eman Ahmed’s discharge report from Saifee hospital says

The 28-page report warns against another weight-loss surgery in near future as Eman readies to leave for a hospital in Abu Dhabi, which has promised she will walk again

Exclusive: What Eman Ahmed's discharge report from Saifee hospital says
Bariatric surgeon Dr Muffazal Lakdwala (second from left) along with Burjeel Hospital team and Eman Ahmed at Saifee Hospital on Wednesday (May 3)

As Eman Ahmed gets set to leave for Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi, Saifee Hospital in Mumbai, where she was admitted for 82 days, has prepared a 28-page transfer report.

Eman, once the world’s heaviest woman at 500kg, underwent bariatric surgery at Saifee Hospital where she was admitted on February 11 this year.

She leaves for Abu Dhabi on Thursday (May 4), where she will be admitted to Burjeel Hospital, which has committed to getting her to walk again. Read: Mumbai doc says only a miracle will help Eman walk.

According to sources close to the team of doctors that prepared the transfer dossier, it explains the treatment given to Eman from the day she was admitted there. It has inputs from all the treating doctors and their suggestions.

The most important point in the report is that doctors at the hospital have advised against another weight-loss surgery.

“We would advise against attempting another weight-loss surgery before drug trials or in near future,” the report reads.

Exclusive: What Eman Ahmed's discharge report from Saifee hospital says
The weighing machine shows Eman Ahmed weighing at 170.7kg at Saifee Hospital on Wednesday (May 3)

“I forgive Shaimaa and pray for the best for Eman. Operating on her and making her sit was a miracle and hope VPS Healthcare manages another miracle of making her walk. We have asked the VPS team of doctors to keep us abreast with her future course of treatment. Whatever happened in the last few days is unfortunate, but I am happy that she is leaving India with a weight of 170kg and she can sit. Every decision taken on her course of treatment was debated. We had a WhatsApp group of doctors treating Eman and for every drug given to her, opinions of every doctor was taken.”

-Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, Bariatric Surgeon who treated Eman

Among other aspects, the report also states:

Eman will need a lot of rehabilitative care in terms of physiotherapy, occupational therapy and corrective surgeries for her lower limbs.

She can be put on a drug trial, if available, for her monogenic obesity.

If however, the drug trial is not available, she may need another malabsorpetive bariatric surgery after a minimum period of 18 months.

Burjeel Hospital doctors have said they will be able to make Eman walk, but orthopaedic surgeon Dr Satish Modi, who treated Eman, believes that she may need multiple corrective surgeries for her hips and knees.

But, despite that too, it will take a miracle to make Eman stand or walk. Read what the doctor said here.

The report further states

“When Eman had come to us, she had not sat up in bed for the last three years, and now she can sit up for a few hours without any support. She manages to speak a few words and mobility in her left arm is normal, and right arm is minimal. She has been advised to continue with her tube feeds till she develops a good cough reflex or she can develop complications of aspiration pneumonia.”

Eman’s obesity is due to the rear genetic mutation.

Doctors in their report say, “Her gene study has proven a homozygous defect in the LEPR gene. Efforts are being made to try and start her on a drug trial for the same mutation that can be started only 6 months after the surgery if the drug is procured for USA.”

Exclusive: What Eman Ahmed's discharge report from Saifee hospital says
Eman Ahmed is set to fly out of India on Thursday (May 4)

On April 25, Eman underwent a CT scan of the brain which suggested an old vascular infarct in the left part of her brain. Dr Arun Shah, the treating neurologist, opines that the cause of her repeated seizures was due to scar epilepsy, secondary to the previous stroke and she needs anti-epileptic medications and neurological rehabilitation therapy.

Eman was first weighed in India on March 2, which was 19 days after admission, on a specially imported Citadel Plus Bed. Her weight then was 378kg. Doctors in the transfer report say she lost approximately 120kg in March due to the specialised diet and diuretic therapy. After she was medically stable, a Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy with Cholecystectomy for gallstones was performed on March 7. On April 3, Eman weighed 170kg.

Eman’s sister Shaimaa Selim and the Burjeel Hospital doctors will have to sign this report before leaving India.