Exam stress? Don’t worry, counsellors to help you beat the stress

The Maharashtra government has appointed counsellors to help SSC and HSC students to beat the exam stress. During exams, these counsellors will help the students and their parents to tackle mental stress


During the exam season, there is a spate of incidences of students committing suicide are witnessed. Just before and after the exams, depressed students take an extreme step, and end their lives.

According to experts, students are significantly under stress during the exam. Tension, peer pressure, fear of not doing well during the exams, parents pressure overpowers the mind, and the students take a drastic step.

The Maharashtra government has appointed counsellors, who would talk to these students, who are under tremendous stress and address these sensitive students.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Sharad Khandagale, Secretary, Maharashtra State Secondary and Higher Secondary Board, Mumbai Division, said, “10th and 12th-grade board exams are now just around the corner. During the exam days, students go through stress, so, we have appointed nine counsellors. The aim is to bring these students out of mental stress and tension.”

During the exam period, these counsellors will help the students and the parents to get rid of mental stress.

However, the board has also requested the students and parents not to ask any query regarding the hall ticket, exam hall, and seating arrangements, as the counsellors are placed dedicatedly to talk to the depressed students and counsel them.

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