Evolution of bariatric surgery

With the country’s first bariatric endoscopy procedure, performed at BIDS Global Hospital on January 06, as a part of the 21st Mumbai Live Endoscopy conference, My Medical Mantra decodes the evolution of bariatric surgery over the last few years

Evolution of Bariatric surgery

It was not until recently that obesity was seen as a problem.

In surgeries, where large portions of the patient’s stomach’s or small intestine were removed, it was observed that these patients had a significant weight loss. It is from this observation that the concept of surgical treatment for obesity was developed.

In the early 90’s, no one performed bariatric surgery in the country. The first bariatric surgery was performed in the year 1999.

In the beginning, the bariatric surgeons were reluctant to perform laparoscopic bariatric surgery. But, the introduction of gastric band made it easier to adapt this approach.

During this period, worldwide bariatric surgery was getting recognised for effects beyond weight loss since the beginning of the year 2000.

Dr Shashank Shah, bariatric surgeon from Pune said, “The method of opening the stomach got out-dated, after its introduction in late 90’s. Gastric bypass was then stared as primary procedure. Now, the endoscopic bariatric surgery is the evolving method which will be taken up in future.”

For the first time, the Robotic Bariatric Surgery started was performed in the year 2011. Experts suggest that endoscopic technology in the field of bariatric surgery is the future, where lot of development will happen.

The development of bariatric surgery has changed the way people look at obesity problem. It has helped the level of understanding of obesity as a serious health problem.