‘Every medical college should have a physiotherapy department’

At World Federation for Neuro Rehabilitation (WFNR) which is hosting its 10th World Congress here in Mumbai, Dr Ali Irani, a consultant Physiotherapist at Nanavati Hospital, said the government should ensure that every medical college should have physiotherapy department attached to it. He stressed that it is essential to increase trained manpower who can offer rehabilitation and physiotherapy services

‘Every medical college should have a physiotherapy department,’ says Dr Ali Irani

“India currently has around more than 200 physiotherapy colleges. But government should ensure that all the medical colleges in the country should have attached rehabilitation centre and physiotherapy department. All tertiary care centres in the country have special physiotherapy department. But in order to create more manpower we need to have more such training centres,” said Irani.

Dr Ali Irani, consultant Physiotherapist
Dr Ali Irani, consultant Physiotherapist

When asked about where does physiotherapy stands when it comes to making advances in research activities he said, “Physiotherapist lead in producing highest number of research papers in the country. There is a lot of scope for doing research activities in fields like genetic factors affecting rehabilitation. But Indian experts are doing great in research.”

When asked about the affordable therapy for rehabilitation in the country, he said, “There is no need to go for machine assisted therapies and to always take assistance of robotics for offering treatments for rehabilitation. The focus should be on manual rehabilitation therapies. There is no need to go for buying equipment which is costly. The government should equip the healthcare infrastructure to improve the treatment for rehabilitation.”

He mentioned that our focus is to ensure that whether the person can do the activities of their daily routine. He emphasised that this should be the aim of every physiotherapist in the country.