‘Every cataract surgery is different and difficult,’ says Dr Lahane

Each surgery has its own challenges and hence they have to be careful and tailored

Every cataract surgery is different and difficult

The second day of the Bombay Ophthalmologists’ Association (BOA)’s FOCUS 2017 conference started off with a talk about cataract surgeries done using different cases.

The crux of the discussion was about difficult case situations while performing a cataract operation.

Cataract in every case is difficult and different. There is no single way to decide what’s common for everybody,” said Dr T P Lahane, Chief Advisor, BOA’s FOCUS 2017 and Dean of Sir JJ Group of Hospitals.

Every cataract surgery is different and difficult, says Dr Lahane
Dr T P Lahane, chief advisor, BOA FOCUS 2017 and Dean of Sir JJ Group of Hospitals

The discussion spoke about multiple topics such as subluxated cataract, pupilloplasty as well as paediatric cataract among others.

“Thanks to BOA for this opportunity as such conferences give an opportunity for us to discuss several things,” said Dr Amar Agarwal, Chairman, BOA.

Furthermore, as a part of the discussion he said, “Pupilloplasty is a very good option and an easy one too. However, one must understand that the problem with pupilloplasty is the risk of damaging the pupil or cases where there may be a chance of bleeding,” concluded Dr Agarwal.