‘Even the smallest contribution you make can play a big role in saving my son’s life’

The 11-year-old son of Manisha Lohar is suffering from thalassemia major, a bone marrow transplant surgery is the old way to save his life. Earlier, Prathmesh was undergoing regular blood transfusions, but now the transfusions are no longer viable


‘My brother is unwell. He doesn’t play with me anymore, he is sick that is why he has been admitted in the hospital. But I can help make my brother feel better,” said Harshita, the five-year-old sister of Prathamesh.

His sister might be young, but she is the only one who can save the life of her brother. She is a perfect match for the bone marrow transplant but the family is grappling with a shortage of funds

The Lohar family has turned to crowdfunding to find a way to gather the required amount for the cost of treatment and bone marrow surgery.

Thalassemia Major is a rare blood disorder in which the body doesn’t produce enough oxygen producing protein.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Manisha Lohar, Prathamesh’s mother, informed, “His long battle started when he was just five months old. After weeks of prolonged illness, medicines, and numerous tests, we were told about his disease.

She added, “The doctors told us that our son can fight this disease. There are two options- either regular blood transfusion as a temporary solution or a bone marrow transplant as a permanent cure.”

After every 15 days, Prathamesh had to undergo a blood transfusion.

A few days ago when Prathmesh’s health started declining, we took him to the doctor to know why has his health deteriorated

But now, the blood transfusions have stopped working. As a permanent cure, he needs a bone marrow transplant which will cost Rs 9 lakh.

He was admitted at CIMS Hospital in Aurangabad on October 14. The bone marrow transplant surgery is scheduled for November 02.

“The doctors asked us to get the donor tests and after a few preliminary tests, Harshita was found the perfect match. But we can still not go ahead with the transplant because of lack of funds,” said Manisha.

Prathamesh’s father, Shrikant’s is no longer has a stable source of income. Earlier his salary was Rs 10,000. But five months ago, the company where he worked at closed down.

They wondered how to raise money for their son’s treatment. They eventually turned to crowdfunding for his treatment.

They are currently living at the house of Manisha’s parents. Prathmesh is a bright boy and he is studying in the 7th standard.

Manisha further said, “He is under treatment and the pre-operational tests have been done. In total, we have to raise 12 to 15 lakhs. This will include the cost of the surgery and the post-operative costs. It is my humble request to you that please contribute whatever you can. Even the smallest contribution you make can play a big role in saving my son’s life. There is no way where we can raise the requisite amount. Your help can give a new life to our son.”

If you wish to make a voluntary donation. Here are the important details:

Name- Bhagwat Soma Lohar

INDIAN BANK Account no. 603249317

IFSC Code. IDIB000K116

Branch- Khardanda