Epilepsy Foundation organises personality development classes for patients

Normally there are many restrictions which are put on people who get seizures. But now, Image Management Professionals Association and Epilepsy Foundation’s President Dr Nirmal Surya, have started a new initiative to make these people independent. They are training epilepsy patients on personality development and confidence building measures

Epilepsy Foundation organises personality development classes for patients

The special sessions were arranged from May 19 onwards. The sessions were held on every Wednesday and Saturday. Topics like communication skills, body language, eye contact and professionalism were taken during the workshop.

Surya said, “This disease requires medicine, but it also requires personality development to secure future of such patients. Thing like personality development changes the attitude of the patient to look at the disease.”

“This helps the person to keep oneself engaged in some other activities. This helps in nullifying the fear about the disease in their mind. This also helps in strengthening the confidence, which then helps in improving the help of the patient. This also helps the patient to confidently face the society, which in turn changes the attitude of society towards them.”

Image Management Professionals Association Mumbai chapter president, Anu Mulla, said, “We have arranged six session for them. Around 25 to 30 patients participated in it. We were worried if they will be able to understand what we want to say. But we saw a different picture when we met all these patients. They want to learn new things. We got good response from them.”

She also added that, “Such patients are found to be lacking in confidence but with such sessions their confidence seems to have increased.”

Epilepsy Foundation organises personality development classes for patients

Shrawani Kalekar, mother of one of the patient’s, who participated in workshop, said, “My 14 year-old daughter is suffering from this disease. These patients, in order to become independent should be given training for personality development. This will also help them to learn new things.”

Nitin Agarwal, a 39-year-old, said, “Communication skills and things taught in the workshop will definitely help me.”

Sonal Bhandari, another participant, said, “I used to fear to get out of house. Medicines helped me to improve my condition. This session will surely help me in my future life.”