‘Eman’s sister planned to abandon her in Mumbai, but we did not allow it,’ says a Saifee doctor

A day after Eman’s sister Shaimaa peddles defamatory video against the doctors treating Eman and puts up her pictures on social media platforms, Saifee Hospital calls for a joint meeting with her and Consul General of Egypt

‘Eman’s sister planned to abandon her in Mumbai, but we did not allow it,’ says a Saifee doctor
Eman”s sister Shaimaa Selim posted her picture on social networking sites alleging that Eman was sick

Egyptian woman Eman Ahmed, who weighed 500kg when she landed in Mumbai on February 11 this year,  is fit enough to return home, say doctors treating her at Saifee Hospital. However, her sister Shaimaa Selim has alleged that her recovery is nothing but a lie fed by doctors.

A day after Shaimaa circulated a video on social media platforms alleging that her sister is not well and doctors re not taking due care of Eman and releasing Eman’s pictures too, doctors at Saifee Hospital met the Consul General of Egypt and Shaimaa on Tuesday morning.

Speaking exclusively to My Medical Mantra, Dr Aparna Govil-Bhaskar, a doctor in the team treating Eman at Saifee Hospital said, “On Tuesday, we had a meeting with the Consul General of Egypt and Shaimaa. The Consul General was shocked at Shaimaa’s behaviour. She has burnt her bridges with doctors in Egpyt and is now scared that they will not accept Eman’s case once they go home to Alexandria.”

Even as accusations spiralled through social media, doctors treating Eman said, “We did a CT scan on Tuesday that shows an old infarct (a small localised area of dead tissue resulting from failure of blood supply in the brain), which is responsible for paralysis on right side of her body and possibly responsible for convulsions as well.”

Doctors say Eman will continue to lose weight for a year.

“She is 171kg now and we expect her to lose more weight over the next one year. We want to enrol her in clinical trials for a new drug, which may help in further weight loss. Every expert we consulted across the world said while a surgery was required, drugs can help further,” says Dr Govil-Bhaskar.

She added that they had informed Shaimaa 15 days ago that Eman will be fit to travel home on a regular flight.

Watch Eman’s sister Shaimaa Selim accusing doctors of Eman’s deteriorating health

“We also spoke to the Consul General of Egypt to scout around for a rehabilitation centre in Alexandria for physiotherapy and neurological rehabilitation,” the doctor added.

‘Eman’s sister planned to abandon her in Mumbai, but we did not allow it,’ says a Saifee doctor
Another picture of Eman posted by her sister Shaimaa Selim on social networking sites

Eman was flown from her home in Alexandria to Mumbai in an Egypt Air cargo plane.

Incidentally, Dr Govil-Bhaskar resigned from the team of doctors caring for Eman.

In her letter addressed to Saifee Hospital, the doctor wrote, “What Eman’s sister has done is worse than physically assaulting a doctor. She has broken the bond of trust between doctors and patients. I am appalled at the irony that today when Eman’s health is the best that it has ever been in last 25 years, her sister chooses to go down this path. I resign from the care of Eman Abd El Aty with immediate effect.”

The doctor said Eman’s sister had planned to go home alone without Eman.

“We did not allow that and so she began threatening us with dire consequences. We think her plan was to abandon her (Eman) here,” the doctor added

To bring you up to speed, on Monday (April 24), Shaimaa released a two-and-half-minute video alleging that Eman was very sick and doctors Saifee Hospital in Mumbai, where she is being treated, are not taking care of her sister.

Calling Dr Muffazal Lakdawala a liar, in the video recorded on April 14, Shaimaa says he cheated the family by promising that she would be fine and will lose weight, but in fact Eman’s life has been destroyed.

Rubbishing the allegations levelled by Shaimaa on Saifee Hospital, Huzaifa Shehabi, the Chief Operating Officer of the Hospital, said, “Eman is hale and hearty. Her weight has also reduced. We took unanimous decisions during the entire course of treatment.”

On Tuesday morning, Shaimaa posted Eman’s pictures as proof of how sick she really was, refuting the hospital’s claim and the war still rages on.