Eman’s doctor renowned Bariatric surgeon, Dr Muffazal Lakdawala takes over as IFSO APC President

 Eman Ahmed, once considered as world’s heaviest women, weighing more than 500 KGs, now weighs 242 KGs. She can now sit in the wheelchair for longer period of time. Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, who took over as IFSO APC President, had performed Bariatric surgery on Eman.  

“India is the third largest obese nation, after America and China. It’s the second largest nation with the type-2 diabetes patients, and that is why, the theme of this conference, ‘Diabesity’ is absolutely apt one”, said Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, who has taken over the reins, as IFSO APC President.

On the concluding day of the doctor’s congress on ‘Diabesity’, Dr Lilian Kow, the IFSO APC President handed over the presidential charge to Dr Lakdawala, a well-know, bariatric surgeon, from Mumbai. Dr Lakdawala will be president of ‘International federation for the surgery of obesity and metabolic disorder’ for next two years till 2019.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra in Goa, where the doctor’s conclave happened, Dr Lakdawala said, “As I take over the President of Asia-Pacific, my main job and role for next two years is to integrate all the forces, because our strength lies in Diabesity”

Stressing particularly on ‘Diabesity’ Dr Lakdawala stated, “People in India, speak different languages, they eat different food, and their cultures are also different, we need to get them all together for one common cause to fight Diabesity. And the other thing to document safety and standard’s in Bariatric surgery”.

Dr Lakdawala, took over the reins, as the next President in the doctors’ conclave, which took place in Goa for three days. More than 500 delegates attended IFSO APC OSSICON 2017 Goa. This was first of its kind gathering, where surgical and non-surgical medical professionals who are involved in treating obesity and diabetes presented their topics and research. The conference was attended, by medical experts from across the globe with an aim to formulate guidelines to control the rising threat of obesity and diabetes.

Goa declares obesity as a disease, while Maharashtra CM calls for education about obesity at school level
( In center) Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar and Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony Devendra Fadnavis, Maharashtra CM had asked the doctors to come with a strategic report and his ministry will definitely consider working on them.

Dr Jayashree Todkar, organising secretary of the IFSO APC OSSICON 2017 said, “We all should take up the challenge of Diabesity, it’s a disease of the globe, disease of the century, disease which comes as an epidemic, and a silent killer. This conference had a specific agenda, to fight with this disease. And I am glad, that over 500 doctors from across the globe spoke extensively about this rising threat called Diabesity, this will definitely help us to win a war against ‘Diabesity’ a threat to mankind”.