Eman Ahmed’s Mumbai journey to remember

After staying in India for 82 days for her obesity treatment at Saifee Hospital in Mumbai, Egyptian Eman Ahmed flew to Abu Dhabi for further treatment. Passes away at the Burjeel Hospital today

EMAN AHMED’S Mumbai journey to remember

Eman Ahmed, the world’s ex-heaviest woman left for the heavenly abode on September 25, 144 days after she left Mumbai for her medical treatment.

At Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi, where she was flown to from Mumbai on May 04. The hospital has also issued a press release to confirm her death. The release said she passed away due to complications from the underlying comorbid conditions including heart disease and kidney dysfunction.

Eman’s death comes as a shock to many as Burjeel Hospital just celebrated her 37th birthday last week. The hospital had also held a press conference in July saying she had made a tremendous improvement in her health.

Eman’s sister Shaimma Selim had contacted Mumbai’s renowned bariatric surgeon Dr Muffazal Lakdawala in October last year. After overcoming many hurdles including issuance of medical visa to her, arranging funds to meet the expenses of her travel and treatment cost, Eman was flown to Mumbai on February 11th, for her weight loss treatment.

At the time of arrival to Mumbai, she was said to weigh 500 kgs. According to Saifee Hospital doctors, Eman then had a body mass index (BMI) of 252 as compared to a normal BMI of 24 and her width is 151 cm.

The hospital had made a customised bed and kept her in a specially prepared room on the first floor of the hospital. An all women nursing staff have been taking care of her.

She was put on a protein rich liquid diet along with dairy and fibre supplements which made her lose 100 kilo before she was taken up for the operation.

She was looked after by a team of twelve doctors, headed by Dr Lakdawala excluding a team of nutritionists. Lakdawala not only operated on Eman on March 7, but also played a key role in bringing her to Mumbai in an EgpytAir cargo airplane from her Alexandria home in Egypt. A green corridor, which fast-tracks a VIP or emergency convoy was facilitated by the government authorities so that Eman reached the airport on time.

Eman weighted 170 kgs as she left India on May 4, spending about 82 days in here. In fact, the hospital was in tears as she left on an Egypt Air cargo freighter Airbus 300.