Elphinstone stampede: Doctors to help survivors to conquer their fear

On Friday morning, the horrific stampede that occurred at around 10:30 am, during morning rush hour amidst a heavy downpour on a foot-over bridge in Mumbai's Elphinstone station has claimed 23 lives with 19 are admitted at the hospital. Owing to which, counselling sessions will be arranged at KEM Hospital in order to help them to overcome the dreadful incident


The gruesome Friday stampede not only snatched away the loved ones of their families. But for those who are injured, the scars are not only on the body but also on their mind. To help the mishap survivor’s cope, KEM Hospital’s administration has decided to counsel them so that they can conquer their fear and lead a healthy life, unlike before.

On Monday, Dr Shubhangi Parkar, who was the head of the psychiatry department at KEM Hospital had a discussion with Dr Avinash Supe, Dean, KEM Hospital. So from today, the 19 survivors who are taking treatment in the hospital will be counselled.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Shubhangi Parkar, Prof and Head of the Department of Psychiatry of KEM Hospital, said, “After such shocking incidents, often, a person feels that why me? I haven’t done wrong to anyone. One tends to become angry. One gets repeated thoughts of events or the sight seen. Personal and professional life gets hampered.  Due to fear, one finds it difficult to travel from the same place. And if not treated on time it can lead to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). So to avoid this, we have decided to counsel them.”

She added, “The patients will be given supportive psychotherapy, this will be important to deal with the emotions of the person who has seen the mishap. The survivors of the incident will have to be given a chance to share what is in their mind.”

Amruta Sawant who survived this gruesome stampede said, “I couldn’t breathe and felt suffocated. I thought I won’t survive. Though I survived but I am scared now.”

How the supportive therapy will work:

  • First, doctors will discuss with the patients
  • One doctor will counsel one patient till the therapy is over
  • For counselling, 10 team of doctors have been appointed
  • This counselling will help patients to cope up mentally

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Avinash Supe, Dean, KEM Hospital said, “It was a tragic incident. The people who are injured are shocked.  The physical injuries will heal. But in order to help them cope mentally, we have decided to counsel them.”