Elphinstone bridge stampede: KEM gives yoga lessons to survivors

On Friday, At least 23 commuters were killed a tragic stampede on a narrow railway foot-over bridge connecting the Parel-Elphinstone Road stations. The injuries of the patient who were admitted in the KEM Hospital for treatment. To help survivors get back on track, the hospital is giving them yoga lessons

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The gruesome Friday stampede left dozens of people injured. But for those who are injured, the scars are not only on the body but also on their mind. The tragic incident still haunts the injured leaving them shocked. And to ease the agony of these survivors who are suffering hand, leg, and back injuries, the doctors of KEM Hospital are taking all the possible efforts.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Aparna Sawant said, “I suffered leg and back injury. In the beginning, I couldn’t even sit. I am fine now. I have done CT Scan and MRI. I was shocked after the incident. But, doctors took a good care. Not only that, we were taught Yoga every morning. After getting discharged, doctor has advised me to keep doing it.”

Reshma kadam, who is taking treatment in the hospital said, “I suffered back injury but after performing exercises taught by the doctor, I am fine. Still, I am scared and will seek treatment from private hospital.”

Counselling sessions started under the leadership of Dr Shubhangi Parkar, Prof and Head of the Department of Psychiatry of KEM Hospital, to help the survivors deal with the pain. And now, yoga too is being taught to them.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra Dr Avinash Supe, Dean, KEM Hospital, said, “Six months ago, we started yoga OPD through which yoga lessons are given to the patients. Elphinstone stampede survivor are also taking yoga lessons which will help them ease their pain. After which, the patients can continue doing yoga at their home, after getting discharged.”