Egg preservation gains prominence among middle-class women

In November this year, Diana Hayden hit the headlines by having her second baby using her preserved eggs in 2007. Now, My Medical Mantra looks at the trend of more and more middle-class working women who are opting for fertility preservation for non-medical reasons

Egg preservation gains prominence among middle-class women

Diana Hayden, the former Miss World hit the headlines recently after delivering her second child. She delivered the baby using the eggs she had frozen in 2007. With city’s top experts saying that more and more middle-class women are coming forward to freeze their eggs owing to multiple reasons.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Indira Hinduja and Dr Kusum Zaveri, infertility experts at P.D. Hinduja Hospital said, “Recently, we had a working woman come to us for freezing her eggs, since she isn’t prepared to start a family, as of now. This is not a one-off case. A lot of middle-class women are approaching us with similar requests. Roughly, we get at least two such women in a month.”

Dr Hinduja further added, “The scenario related to in-vitro fertilization (IVF) has changed drastically now. Earlier, IVF was seen like a research project which not everyone opted for. But now, it is routinely seen among people. A lot of couples are coming ahead to undergo IVF.”

Egg preservation gains prominence among middle-class women
Indira Hinduja (left) and Kusum Zaveri

The concept of freezing eggs is not a new concept. But with more and more middle-class women approaching city doctors for the same, experts credit it to awareness.

“I get at least 100 women in a year who opt for egg preservation. You know a lot of women these days want to get married only after they find the right person. So they choose to freeze their eggs in their early adulthood and then when they are finally ready to get married, they use these frozen eggs. This means better egg quality and a wise choice too,” said Dr Nandita Palshetkar, IVF expert who guided Hayden in her procedure at Lilavati Hospital.

“The awareness has definitely increased. I see at least 5 cases a month that opt for this procedure. The fact that most of these procedures are affordable is a huge thing as it empowers women. Women really want to be sure,” said Dr Rajalaxmi Walavalkar, consultant IVF and endoscopic surgery at Cocoon Fertility Centre.