Effective use of CSR policy will help poor patients, says Girish Mahajan  

A state level workshop was organised for medical social service superintendents by Directorate of Medical Education and Research (DMER) in Mumbai. It was the first time such an event was held in Maharashtra

Effective use of CSR policy will help poor patients, says Girish Mahajan

While addressing the gathering of over 160 medical superintendents from all over Maharashtra, Minister of Medical Education, Girish Mahajan asked them to use Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy effectively to benefit patients. He also stated that the medical superintendents should consider it as a part of their job to approach various organisations to get financial help for the medical treatment of the patients.

“There is no better way to serve society than to help patients. Many influential people and organisations are willing to offer financial aid for the medical treatment. They needed to be approached. Educate yourself about the CSR policy and approach them. The effective use of CSR can save many lives,” Girish Mahajan said.

He was addressing the state level workshop organised for medical social service superintendents organised by Directorate of Medical Education and Research (DMER) in Mumbai.

Director of Medical Education and Research Dr Pravin Shingare inaugurated the workshop and offered his guidance to the medical superintendents. He also revealed information about the new para medical course which the government is planning to roll out.

“India ranks very low on the happiness index. We are planning to introduce a course to train recreational specialists. They will work to rejuvenate the minds of patients, elderly people, people who are lonely and other people who are needed to be talked to. It will reduce their irritability, hence improving the family environment. It will increase the happiness index and will improve the quality of life,” Dr Shingare said.

Effective use of CSR policy will help poor patients, says Girish Mahajan

Many other eminent figures related to healthcare sector attended the workshop and interacted with the gathered medical superintendents. Among them were Dr Tatyarao Lahane, Dean Sir JJ group of Hospitals, Dr Ajay Chandanwale Dean B.J. Government Medical College Pune, Santosh Andhale, Editor My Medical Mantra and Praveen Nikam Commonwealth Youth Asia Representative.

While addressing the superintendents at the event Dr Tatyarao Lahane said, “You need to realise your strength and do the work which is part of your duty. Your work is the backbone of our healthcare system. Also, take an active part in convincing family members of a brain dead patient for to consider cadaver donation. It can save six to seven lives. CSR is one way to help patients financially. Their counselling is also important.”

Dr Ajay Chandanwale Dean of B.J. Medical College Pune praised the work of Medical superintendents in Sassoon Hospital. “We have collected 55 crore through CSR policy and our team of medical superintendents have worked very hard to achieve this. This fund will be utilised to provide better medical treatment to poor patients,” said Dr Chandanwale.

Such a workshop has been held for the first time in Maharashtra. Dr Pallavi Saple, Dean of Miraj Medical College praised this initiative. “Something like this is happening for the first time in Maharashtra. It is a very informative workshop. I will work with my team to get financial aid through the CSR policy to benefit poor patients,” she said.

Pravin Nikam, Commonwealth Youth Asia Representative also shared his experiences in the social work with attendees. “I don’t have a formal degree of social work. I learnt it through my observations and identified the problems. This is how I realised how unaware women are about menstrual hygiene. We need to explain about our work. Then they will join us” Pravin said.