Driving on the wrong side? Don’t risk your life

Dr Vaibhav Kasodekar, Orthopaedic Surgeon, SL Raheja Hospital, shares how driving with proper care can save your life


According to a data released in 2017, Mumbai ranked fifth among the 50 other Indian cities to have the most accidents in the year 2016.

The incidences of road traffic accidents have progressively spiked over the last few years. Road traffic fatalities constitute for 16.6% of all deaths making it the sixth leading cause of death in India. It is also one of the contributors towards socio-economic losses, disability burden, and hospitalization.

In Mumbai, one person loses their life every 15 hours due to a road accident. The figures have not changed, however; there is an increase in the incidents every year. Motorists zigzag, cut lanes, overtake, break signals, don’t wear seat belts or helmets, drink and smoke while driving. Talking on the phone while driving is the most common phenomenon observed in the city.

Recently, a 35-year-old man was riding his bike with his father in Parel; he chose to ride on the wrong side to reach faster. A taxi coming from the other side of the road collided with his motorbike.

The father-son duo was taken to a nearby government hospital. Post which they were shifted to SL Raheja Hospital, Mahim under Dr Vaibhav Kasodekar’s, an orthopaedic surgeon’s care. Scans showed that the rider suffered multiple fractures in his tibia (large bone between the knee and ankle). The doctors immediately performed surgery on him. Post-op, the patient is doing well and will be following up for the next 3-4 weeks.

Speaking about the case, Dr Vaibhav Kasodekar, S.L. Raheja Hospital – a Fortis Associate, said, “This accident caused mental trauma on the patient, he is now scared to ride a motorcycle. On an average, I examine at least 1 or 2 cases every week, with minor – major fractures and injuries. The bottom line is, such incidents are on the rise, we should take cognisance of traffic rules before we suffer the loss of lives.”