Dr P.L. Tiwari’s documentary launched by Maharashtra’s CM Devendra Fadnavis

The documentary ‘An Unforgetabble Legend’ based on DR P.L Tiwari’s inspirational journey. Which was launched by Maharashtra’s CM Devendra Fadnavis, in the presence of Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan, will be also available on Youtube now

Dr P.L. Tiwari’s documentary to be available on Youtube

“Dr Tiwari’s birthdate was 1st July. It is also celebrated as National Doctor’s Day. Dr Tiwari used to celebrate his birthday with his friends, family and fraternity members on his birthday. He loved to celebrate life. After his demise, we couldn’t just let his birthday pass without paying tribute to him. So, after brainstorming, I decided to make a documentary to present his walk of life before everyone,” said Dr Gautam Bhansali, consultant physician, Bombay Hospital.

Dr P.L Tiiwari

When the idea of making a documentary was finalized Dr Bhansali teamed up with Pankaj Bagrecha, documentary maker, and an event manager. Dr Bhansali collected old and rare photographs of Dr Tiwari and Mr Bagrecha. Shot the narration of memories by Dr Tiwari’s admirers and family members. The documentary was prepared in the span of 10 days. Bigg Boss fame, voice over artist Vijay Vikram lent his voice for the documentary.

“We worked hard to complete it on time. Then I invited dignitaries from various fields such as healthcare, politics, civil services, and film industry. Because of the love they have for Dr Tiwari, these eminent personalities marked their presence at the launch event. I am very glad that now through Youtube the documentary and the work of Dr Tiwari will reach to everyone,” Dr Gautam Bhansali said.

While talking about the process of making the documentary in such a short span of time, Pankaj Bagrecha said, “It was a challenging task for me to complete it in a short span of time. So we adopted reversed method and wrote the script after photos and footage’s were collected. I feel happy to be the part of the documentary.”