Dr Nitin Shah reveals his mantras for fitness

Dr Nitin Shah swears by his fitness routine and never misses out on exercise. He is disciplined and he ensures that he follows a healthy diet by eating right

Dr Nitin Shah reveals his mantras for fitness

If you happen to meet Dr Nitin Shah at P.D. Hinduja Hospital, you will surely notice his smiling face and positive aura. The 57-year-old doctor is a fitness enthusiast who aspires to stay healthy, fit and fine.

Speaking about his fitness routine, Dr Shah who is a Consultant Paediatrician at P.D. Hinduja Hospital said, “I walk 4 to 6 kms for 6 days in a week. I also practice yoga and hand exercises every day, to loosen up my muscles and keep myself away from any health problems.”

Dr Shah makes it a point to keep himself physically active. “I walk and I avoid taking a lift. I climb 7 floors of Hinduja Hospital every day.  If I am travelling, before reaching the destination, I park my car and walk for half a kilometre towards the destination.”

Dr Nitin Shah reveals his mantras for fitness
Dr Nitin Shah

Dr Shah’s exercise routine:

  • Walking
  • Yoga
  • Hand exercises

Dr Shah believes in eating healthy and not going overboard, when it comes to food.

“I am a pure vegetarian. My diet consists of paneer, milk. I avoid cheese, butter, ghee, sugar, fatty, junk and oily food. If I go for a party, then, the next day I compensate by eating light and snacking on fruits or salads. I also drink a lot of milk,” he said.

Dr Shah’s diet:

  • Upon waking: Home-made kadha with warm water
  • Breakfast: Tea/ milk with sukha bhakri without ghee and butter and a fruit
  • Lunch: 2 rotis and a vegetable
  • Evening: Tea with toast
  • Dinner: 2 rotis and rice