‘We need more experts in EUS,’ says Dr Anthony Yuen-Bun

Since its invention there have been several major advancements in the EUS technique but the use of this procedure remains low in Asian countries. In a dialogue with My Medical Mantra, Dr Anthony Yuen-Bun Teoh, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong explained the reason behind why it is underused and how can it be made affordable

'We need more experts in EUS,' says Dr Anthony Yuen-Bun
Dr Anthony Yuen-Bun Teoh, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The second EUS Congress is taking place in Mumbai at Renaissance Convention centre, Powai. Dr Anthony Yuen-Bun TEOH who is a faculty of Medicine at the Chinese University of Hong Kong spoke to My Medical Mantra about the importance of (Endoscopic Ultra Sound) EUS procedure.

He also explained why this technique needs to be promoted in Asia and how it can benefit the patients in developing countries such as India.

'We need more experts in EUS,' says Dr Anthony Yuen-Bun
Dr Anthony Yuen-Bun Teoh

Q – What are the challenges in popularising the EUS (Endoscopic Ultra Sound) technique and how EUS Congress is intending? to promote it?

Dr Anthony Yuen-Bun: This is the second year of EUS Congress and we want to promote EUS technique in Asian countries. Somehow the uptake of

EUS is slower in Asian countries. There are several reasons responsible for this. Most important factor is the expertise in this technique. There are no enough experts available. Second major factor is the cost of the procedure. So, it is underused in Asia.

We are the group of experts and want to promote the EUS procedure. Another important aim of the Congress is to promote education and research in this area.

Q – You just mention that the cost of the procedure is high. How can it be made affordable in the developing countries in Asia such as India?

Dr Anthony Yuen-Bun: It has to go both ways. From a doctor’s point of view we have to think of indications to apply the technology. At the same time

we need to involve many industrial partners. If we have more people doing this procedure then the it will be used widely. If we have more consumers then the cost of the procedure will go down.

For different countries company may think of applying different rates. It is both ways of companies see a lot of doctors doing the procedures and of the doctors think that the procedure is useful then we will be able to promote the technology better. We need to create the momentum.

Q – In country like India how EUS technique can be helpful in improving the healthcare services?

Dr Anthony Yuen-Bun: EUS is both diagnostic and therapeutic. With the help of EUS we can easily diagnose cancer and tuberculosis. These conditions are very common in India.

It is important for treatment. As it involves endoscopic procedure it can replace certain surgical procedures. Using this patient can get better faster. It will also reduce the cost of staying in hospital.

Q – What sort of research work is going on to make EUS more affordable in country like India?

Dr Anthony Yuen-Bun: We are doing both therapeutic and diagnostic research in EUS. For diagnostic we are trying to think of the ways to improve the diagnostics without increasing the cost of the procedure.

In the case of therapeutic procedures, we are doing many studies and we are trying to collaborate with many companies for the creation of new devices. It is not only for India but also for everyone.