‘Don’t need money, but awareness on organ donation’

A man who is on dialysis since last 20 years, appeals people to donate organs, as it can give a new lease of life to someone

Don’t need money, but awareness on organ donation

Today, there is a lot of awareness among people regarding organ donation. But in the past, not many people knew about this Nobel deed. Hence, due to the lack of awareness, Prakash More who is on dialysis since last 20 years, appeals people to donate organs.

More who is fighting for his life death every day for the last 20 years said “There are many people in our country who are in a need of kidney. There is no public awareness about organ donation. I don’t want anything more.  I just want people to know the importance of organ donation as it can save someone’s life.”

You might have been shocked to hear these words.  But yes, these are exactly the words of, 61-year-old Prakash More, who lives with two hands on kidney disease. Prakash More has been on dialysis for the last 20 years. And both his kidneys have failed.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra Prakash More said, “There are millions of people in this country who need an organ for survival. If they get an organ, they can get a new life. But, people should be aware about it. When I was diagnosed of kidney ailment, I wasn’t aware about organ donation. But I urge people to come forward and donate your organs.”

Don’t need money, but awareness on organ donation
Prakash More

More has been undergoing treatment at KEM Hospital in Mumbai for the last 20 years. More’s wife also had cancer, so it was not possible for More to get his wife’s kidney. More’s wait never ended and he is still on dialysis since last 20 years.

Dr Nivrutti, Professror, nephrology depertment, KEM hospital explained, “More is on dialysis since many years. Those who need transplant can also survive on dialysis for a longer time.  And More is the example of this. More is fine now and once in a month he has been asked to come for dialysis.

KEM Hospital’sKidney Disease Department Pvt. Dr. He said, “Diseases are being started in the hospital for more than a year. The patients who need transplant surgery can live longer on dialysis. This is a good example of this. Now, More is recovering from his condition only once a month he is called for dialysis.”

But More’s struggle did not end here, he lost his job, his wife was struck with cancer and he also had to take care of his daughter, But More who was the sole bread winner of the family was finding it difficult to manage the expenses due to financial crisis.  But due to relatives help and support and More’s will to live for his daughter help him to sail through for all these years.

Nita More, director of diagnostic services at Cancer Pateints Aids Association, said that More’s wife has cancer and she herself is suffering from kidney disorder. Due to kidney failure, he is currently on dialysis. With the help of trust, I helped More by arranging money. I also help him with money for his daughter’s education. I have tried to help with the trust, because he has no money for the treatment. The cost of girls’ education was extended for some time. “

More said, “Despite of kidney failure, I could fight for 20 years. At present, I am working in a company and I earn 8 thousand rupees. But the cost of my medicines is 6-7 thousand rupees per month. I am finding it difficult to manage as the medicines are costly.”