Don’t let the cricket World Cup fever change your dietary habits

Now that the ICC World Cup is underway, you may have planned match screenings with your friends at home and in bars and pubs. But while you are glued to the one-day matches for the entire month and more, make sure you don’t ignore your health

people watching cricket world cup on TV

It is easy to get taken in by the excitement and eat and drink junk and let your sleep and fitness go for a toss.

We bring you a few tips that you can follow while watching World Cup matches on TVs so that your health remains intact post this excitement-filled month.

Bring on the cricket fever with nutrition

The time has come! India is going to make its mark in this year’s ICC World Cup. We all wait for Virat to hit his next sixer or the winning Yorker by Bhumrah.

While the boys in blue sweat it out on the field we play our part with prayers, support and cheers. Sitting at the edge of your seat in anticipation is a lot of fun but it can be detrimental to your health.

  • Forget chocolates, wafers and namkeen. Binge on low-fat low salt popcorn instead.
  • Munch on tandoori chicken, paneer, broccoli when you call your friends over.
  • Who needs unhealthy munchies when you have baked sweet potato, yam, beetroot chips to dunk in a cool yoghurt dip.
  • Pack in the protein with roasted channa, soya bean, dry fruits.
  • Serve your guests wholesome Mexican or Buddha bowls instead of the boring old pizzas.
  • Salsa and guacamole with multigrain chips are also a great option to share with family and friends.
  • Keep yourself active throughout the day, do exercises while watching the match.

Don’t be a couch potato while watching one of the most intense sports in the world.

So, all I can say is – Eat healthily, Stay active and Bleed Blue!!

The author is a sports nutritionist and clinical dietician