Donate a heart: An appeal made by a hapless father

In the age when kids are supposed to play, Krushna Sadgir, an eight-year-old boy from Ahmednagar is having a hard time. His heart functioning is 41% and he needs a heart transplant. According to doctors, pacemaker will be fitted, before transplantation and which will cost around seven to eight lakhs. But if that also doesn’t help, he will have to undergo heart transplant

Donate heart: An appeal made by a hapless father

Krushna Sadgir, an eight-year-old boy, who belongs to Akole Taluka in Ahmednagar district, was a playful child. But soon, he was robbed of his childhood, last year, when he suddenly started feeling difficult while breathing. He was treated by local doctors and for a further treatment; he was taken to Mumbai and Pune. In December 2016, Krushna was diagnosed with a heart ailment. Now, it has been more than seven to eight months and Krushna is still waiting for a new heart.

Krushna’s father is a retired army man, speaking to My Medical Mantra, Ganesh Sadgir said, “Pune doctors informed that Krushna will need heart transplantation. For 7-8 months we’re waiting for a new heart. Since his body has become stiff, he needs medications, twice-a-day, and the cost comes up to rupees three to four thousand, per day. For which, a urgent transplant was needed. In order to save his life, he brought him to Fortis hospital on 19 August.”

Donate heart: An appeal made by a hapless father

Dr Anvay Mulay is treating Krushna in Fortis hospital. For his heart transplant, he needs 26 lakhs and fifty thousand. Till now the family has managed to raise ten lakhs and fifty thousand.

Ganesh Sadgir informed, “Due to the unavailability of heart, DR Anvay Mule has suggested to fit a pacemaker, which will help Krushna, till he gets a new heart. But fitting this will also cost up to seven lakhs, seventy thousand.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra Dr Swati Garekar is senior pediatric cardiologist at Fortis Hospital said, “Krushna is suffering from a rare heart ailment. The valve which is located on the right side. The right lower chamber is very thin. Which has affected his heart functioning. In four or five years, we get to see this kind of cases. Heart transplantation is the only option for this. We perform fontan procedure, in such kind of cases, due to which a patient can survive for many years.”

She added, “If he doesn’t feel good after surgery, one of the suitable option is heart transplantation. But, before that, we have decided to do a fontan procedure and fit a pacemaker. The surgery would cost about 5 lakhs. And along with the pacemaker, the estimated cost amount is seven to eight lakhs.”