Domestic violence can impact your child’s mental health

Most of us today, may not have heard about cases of domestic violence apart from those that our house maids may be telling us about. If you think it is a rural problem that didn’t really exist in our urban set up, you are probably wrong

Domestic violence can impact your child’s mental health

  • An individual named, Shweta Rajesh Shah who is a surface print textile designer from Mumbai will host an open-for-all event at Bandra-Kurla Complex on Saturday, Dec 23 in order to educate audiences about domestic violence by holding panel discussions, talks and plays.
  • The WHO multi-country study on women’s health estimated that 15–71% of women had even been physically or sexually assaulted by partners.
  • According to a study published in the journal of Child and Family Social Work, witnessing severe domestic violence almost tripled the likelihood of children having conduct disorder but was not independently associated with emotional disorders.
  • The study was conducted among 7,865 and 4% of children had witnessed severe domestic violence.

“Domestic violence is existent in all classes of society, and silently over a period of time it affects the nation. As children who grow up in such households are impacted in a lot of ways and they carry that forward in the future and into the community. It has continued for decades and in order to create a better future generation of the country it is definitely the need of the hour to end it from the root,” said Shah.

But at the backdrop, there seems to be an urgent need to end domestic violence, which affects children in many ways.

“Witnessing violence at home can either make people very aggressive or can lead them to be very insecure about their future relationships. I have seen such children myself and it is, very important to know about this right from the beginning,” said Dr Parul Tank, consultant psychiatrist at Asian Heart, Mumbai and Fortis Hospital who is also the head of psychiatry department at Rajawadi Hospital.