Doctors’ strike: Private doctors on strike, health services likely to be crippled

An intern doctor from West Bengal was brutally beaten a few days back. After which the doctors went on indefinate strike. In order to show their support doctors across the country and resident doctors attached to government hospitals had called for a strike as well.


  • 80,000 doctors across Maharashtra are on the strike to show their solidarity with the protesting doctors from West Bengal 
  • The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has called for a strike on June 17, to raise the issue of increasing attack on doctors 
  • Doctors from Ayurveda, Homeopathy and different associations have also lent their support to the strike called by the IMA 

Medical services in Maharashtra are likely to be cripple, as private doctors across the state on the strike on June 17. Though the doctors from government and civic-run hospitals will continue to offer medical services.

Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD) who went on strike on Friday, to support the doctors from West Bengal, will continue their support but will not join the strike.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra Dr Anil Pachnekar, Vice President, Indian Medical Association said, “IMA has called for the strike as the attack on doctors are rising. 80,000 doctors in Maharashtra have joined the strike. Federation of Obestics and Gynaecologist Association of India (FOGSI) Orthopedic association, Ayurveda and Homeopathy association has also lent their support.”

“We have two major demands. Doctors should be given security and the government should enact the law at the central level against the attack on doctors. OPD’s of the private hospitals, non-emergency services and small clinics will remain closed,” added Dr Pachnekar.

The Maharashtra State Branch of Indian Radiological and Imaging Association – ‘MSBIRIA’ has decided to observe a one-day strike in response to the doctor attack in Kolkata, which took place on June 10, last week.

The Maharashtra State Branch of Indian Radiological and Imaging Association is the largest association of radiologists in Maharashtra.

‘As a mark of solidarity with our fellow professionals across India, we at MSBIRIA have decided to stop work from 6:00 am of 17th June 2019 to 6:00 am of 18th June 2019. During this period all the Radiodiagnostic Modalities like sonography, X-ray, CT scan and MRI services will remain suspended,’ the association conveyed in a statement.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Samir Gandhi, Secretary of the Maharashtra State Branch of Indian Radiological and Imaging Association, said, “We are supporting the IMA. The attacks on doctors are wrong. The government should for doctor’s security. But nothing is being done by the government. That is why 3,000 radiologists are on strike. During the strike, services like sonography , MRI, CT scan, X-ray won’t be provided. But the emergency services will be on.”

He added, “During this strike, 12,000 diagnostic centres in Maharashtra will be closed and 25,000 radiologists are on strike across India. Radiologists are coming forward to protest against the atrocities committed on doctors.”

Dr Jignesh Thakar, a radiologist from Mumbai, said, “Attacks on doctors are increasing. The doctor could have even lost his life in the Kolkata doctor attack. The government isn’t increasing security in hospitals, how can doctors treat patients in such conditions. The government should take some steps. Such attacks are very shameful. The government should bring in a law for doctor’s security. The implementation of this law is important. Only then, the attacks can be prevented. We have gone on strike for this reason.”