Doctors to turn ‘actors’ to raise money for a social cause

Fifteen doctors from different fraternities will perform the iconic Marathi play Natsamrat for the first time in Mumbai. The proceeds from this drama shall be donated to the NGOs and social organisations

Doctors to stage ‘Natsamrat’ to raise money for social causes

  • Doctors from Nagpur, Maharashtra, started a ‘Drama Club’ to help raise funds for various social activities.
  • The money, collected through the plays staged by them, will be donated to the NGOs and social organisations, working for the betterment of the people.
  • On June 17, the doctor’s drama club will perform a play in Mumbai, for the first time. Fifteen doctors will take part in the play – Natsamrat

For a common man, a doctor is generally viewed as a person who carries a stethoscope around his neck, a person wearing a green or blue gown, or busy attending to patients. And if you ever ask anyone, have you seen a doctor acting? Their answer would be definitely be no.

But, fifteen professional doctors from Nagpur have started a doctor’s drama club. What started out as a hobby ten years ago has now become a social charity club. This club organises plays and the proceeds from these plays, are donated to NGOs.

Doctors to stage ‘Natsamrat’ to raise money for social causes

Now, this club is set to rock Mumbai on June 17. The doctors will showcase a famous Marathi drama – Natsamrat, at Bandra’s Rangasharada Auditorium.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Prachi Mahajan, a practicing surgeon, said, “We are a group of 15 doctors. After completing our daily routine, we practice for plays at night. In October, we started rehearsing for Narasamrat. We all owe something to the society. We started this club with the objective of giving back. On June 17, we will perform in Mumbai for the first time, and the money collected through the play, will be donated to Yuva Zep Pratishtan. This Pratishthan provides daily meals to the patients and their relatives who are in need.”

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Dr Mahajan added, “We all do this voluntarily. We do not charge a single penny for this. It is our contribution to the society. The doctor’s drama club has also performed plays in Nagpur and Amravati.”

Dr Sudhir Solanke, a surgeon by profession, said, “We started this club ten years ago. We stage different plays and we contributed the money collected to the NGOs and organisations working for social causes. Our main aim is to provide help to the needy. I have gone through many problems during my childhood, and don’t want people to suffer like that.”