Doctors successfully remove a safety pin from 11-month-old’s oesophagus

A baby girl accidentally managed to swallow a safety pin. Doctors at Wockhardt Hospital successfully remove the pin after performing an endoscopy on her. Doctors share advice regarding what parents should do during such situations

Doctors successfully remove a safety pin from 11-month-old’s oesophagus

Last week, an 11-month-old girl Sanvehi Shinde (name changed) from Bhayandar was rushed to a hospital after she accidently managed to swallow a safety pin.

While playing at home, the girl got her hand on a safety pin lying beside her and swallowed it. And this safety pin got stuck in her oesophagus and she started choking.

Initially her parents could not understand what was happening. Seeing her condition deteriorating, the girl was immediately rushed to Mira Road hospital. Doctor Arun Dubey, a child specialist is monitoring her condition.

After medical examination, they urgently moved her to Wockhardt Hospital. When Dr Lalit Verma, a gastroenterologist at Wockhardt Hospital saw the girl at first, he suggested an X-ray to be done upon her. In X-ray report, the doctor noticed that the girl had swallowed a safety pin. The doctors immediately performed a surgery to save her life.

Dr Verma said, “It was difficult to remove the safety pin as the pin was reversed and open. However, we managed to remove it and save her life.”

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Verma added, “The pin got stuck in the girl’s oesophagus. Also, it was difficult to pull it with the help of tongs as it not only reversed but was also open. Pulling it was dangerous. If we haven’t performed the surgery then the life of the girl would have been lost. So we gave a gentle dose of anaesthesia to the girl. After which, we removed the stuck pin using endoscopy.”

After surgery, the girl was kept under doctor’s supervision for 24 hours. After performing CT scan doctors were convinced that there was no problem and the girl was discharged.

Speaking about infants, Dr Verma added, “When small children begin to crawl, they must be given special attention because these kids tend to put something or the other in their mouth. If something obstruct the oesophagus it can be difficult for them to breathe. Parents should take care of this. In addition, if such situation arises, parents should not take them to local doctors, they should directly come to the hospital. Due to the fact that all facilities available in the hospitals.”

Ravi Hirwani, the head of Wockhardt Hospital said, “I have seen children who have swallowed pencil or rubber. But the case of 11-month-old swallowing a safety pin was the first. The doctor could save her life as she was brought the hospital for treatment in time. I have seen many parents losing their children because of the delay in taking them to the hospital.”