Doctors save life of 5-year-old girl who swallowed 5 rupee coin

Doctors at Apex Super Speciality Hospital in Borivali successfully managed to save the life of a girl who accidentally swallowed a coin while playing at home

Doctors at Apex Super Speciality Hospital in Borivali successfully managed to save the life of a girl who accidentally swallowed a coin while playing at home

The girl who lives in Dahisar, Mumbai began having breathing difficulties after swallowing the coin. She couldn’t even speak properly as the coin has lodged itself inside her throat. Her parents immediately rushed her to Apex Hospital when they realised that she wasn’t breathing normally. The doctors removed the coin after performing and endoscopic surgery.

Nandita More, the three-year-old girl, picked up the coin from the floor while playing and swallowed it. Her family, saw that she wasn’t able to speak clearly and rushed her to the hospital for treatment.

The girl was medically examined when she was admitted to the hospital. After running a few test, doctors revealed that the coin was stuck between her foodpipe and windpipe. It was necessary to treat her in the nick of time as she was unable to breathe. The doctors asked the parents for their permission so that they could use an endoscope to remove the coin.

Dr Raajeev Hingorani and a team of doctor performed this surgery.

Speaking about this case, Dr Raajeev Hingorani, Head of Department (Gastroenterology), at Apex Super Speciality Hospital said, “The girl swallowed this coin while playing at home. Her condition was very delicate when she was brought into the hospital. She had difficulty in breathing. The coin was stuck between her food and windpipe.”

He added, “It was important to treat her as possible that is why we decided to use an endoscope. Her condition is now stable and we are soon going to discharge her.”

He further stated, “This is not a new case. But in some instances, parents wait for the foreign object to come out by itself. This can put the child’s life at risk. It is important for parents to be attentive in such matters till their child crosses the age of six. In rural area, hospital are not located close by and this can indirectly lead to the death of a child, if they cannot reach the hospital in time. But these things can happen cities too, and it is essential for parents not to waste precious time.”

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