Doctor’s remove safety pin lodged inside 3-year-old girl’s throat

Doctors at Mumbai’s civic-run KEM Hospital have successfully removed a pin stuck inside a child’s throat. The doctor had to perform an emergency surgery as the situation posed a threat to the girl’s life


A safety pin which was stuck inside the girl’s throat was taken out with the use of the telescopic method.

The girl had accidentally swallowed the safety pin from her mother’s mangalsutra as it was open. The pin then lodged itself inside her throat. It was a risky operation for doctors.

Dr Nilam Sathe, Head of the Department of ENT, from KEM hospital, said, “We had to do the survey on immediate basis, otherwise it could have led to pus formation. We did it with the aid of the telescopic method.”

Dr Sathe added, “She is doing fine and can ear normal food now. All parents should be careful and do their best to prevent such objects falling into the hands of their children’s hand.”