Doctors remove 8kg mass from 80-yr-old stomach, help her with rehabilitation

Once the hospitals discharge a patient, the patient is no longer the responsibility of the hospital. But this 80-year-old woman won the hearts of doctors and nurses alike and she became the ‘Grandma’of Sassoon General Hospital (SGH). After her treatment, the doctors helped rehabilitate the woman with the help of the hospital’s medical social department



An 80-year-old lonely and abandoned woman visited Sassoon Hospital, Pune. Her stomach was abnormally swollen. As she had no relatives or friends, the medico-legal case was filled.

After that doctors performed a risky surgery and took out a mass of around 8 kg from her stomach. Meanwhile, she had become the ‘Grandma’ of the entire hospital. Although she had no relatives or friends, the entire hospital staff had started to affectionately call her ‘Grandma.’

Dr Shilpa Naik, a gynaecologist from Sassoon Hospital Pune, said, “When we did a sonography and C T Scan we came to know about the mass in her stomach. The mass was around 22 by 21 by 21 and it was around 8 kg in weight. We suspected cancer considering the age of the patient. We consulted the cancer specialist and decided to carry out a surgery. Post-surgery we diagnosed that it was not a cancerous mass.”

Going beyond performing the medical task, the doctors at the hospital made sure that she was properly rehabilitated. She has been rehabilitated at the ‘Maher’ an organization in Pune which is home for destitute.

Dr Ajay Chandanwale, dean of SGH, said, “As there was no relative to look after her, we then decided to take the help of the medical social department of the hospital. She had become the ‘grandmother’ entire hospital. Many from our staff used to bring food for her. Also, we decided to rehabilitate her. Our doctors called different rehabilitation units and then decided to rehabilitate her with an organisation called ‘Maher.’”