Doctors remove 750 grams of hair from woman’s stomach

This is might sound kind of creepy or cringeworthy, recently doctors in Rajawadi hospital came across a rather unusual case. It involved a woman, who had been complaining of unbearable stomach ache. Upon further investigation it was revealed that the woman had a clump of hair inside her stomach and intestine which was the cause of her misery

Doctors remove 750 grams of hair from woman's stomach

Have you ever been grossed out with a hair in your food? Imagine what would have been the expression on the doctor’s face that must have operated on a woman from Ambarnath.

Vinita More, a 20-year-old woman, would suffer from painful recurring stomach ache.

Around the August end. She could not bear or tolerate any more pain. Finally, she decided that she really needed help. Vinita went ahead with her plan to rid herself of the agony her stomach was causing her since the past few months.

She was advised to go through a surgery, as that was the only option that could help ease her pain. According to the doctors it seems that she most likely must have accidentally consumed hair while eating, and eventually any strands of hair which she may have unknowingly consumed must have accumulated in her stomach and intestines over a period of time having food she must have swallowed hair.

She is being treated by Dr Bharat Kamat and Dr Prashant Patil among others.

Dr Vidya Thakur, a medical superintendent at Rajawadi Hospital, Ghatkopar said, “The patient had come to us in the last week of August. After she had done a CT scan, we got to know that her reason behind her constant stomach pain was caused due to a bunch of hair; which had got stuck in her stomach and intestines. It was a difficult surgery; we finally managed to take out 750 grams of hair which was inside her body.”

The patient is still undergoing treatment at Rajawadi Hospital, but currently, she is much better than before, when she had initially approached the doctors. No more stomach aches for Mrs More. She is relived that the worst is over and looks forward to things getting back to normal. Although, she might want to be more careful the next time she eats a meal.