Doctors provide medical aid for ‘Maratha Kranti Morcha’ protestors

130 government doctors and 15 ambulances deployed for ‘Maratha Kranti Morcha’ protestors. One Ambulance is stationed at every 500 meters from Dadar to Churchgate. Various doctors’ associations also provided medical support to the protesters

Doctors provide medical aid for ‘Maratha Kranti Morcha' protestors
The ‘Marathi Kranti Morcha’ on Wednesday, carried out one of the biggest protest in Mumbai, demanding reservation for Maratha community. Lakhs of people from all over Maharashtra have come to for the protest. Considering the huge protest, the state government, BMC and Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Medicos Association has deployed doctors at various locations in order to provide basic healthcare facilities to the protesters. State government had deployed more than 130 doctors, and 15 ambulances, at every 500 meters on the way of the protest.

Doctors provide medical aid for ‘Maratha Kranti Morcha' protestorsSpeaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Rajesh Dere, professor, forensic medicine, KEM Hospital informed, “Lakhs of protesters are participating in ‘Maratha Kranti Morcha’. So, to provide them with adequate medical facilities, we have hit the roads. To ensure their well-being, we have organised medical booth camps. There are 20 doctors at each spot. Patients will be treated for back pain, headache and so on.”

Dr Vikas Katare, Medical officer of Sir JJ Hospital said that, “. We are from Mumbai Maratha medical association and through it we are providing medical service. We are stationed at 5 places – Jijamata Udyaan, Priyadarshani Park, JJ Hospital gate, JJ flyover and Azad maidan. In the morning, we treated a patient with mild cardiac arrest and for the further treatment he was sent to St George Hospital. He was around 60 years. There is humidity today so many people have been provided glucose due to dehydration. On every 500 metre distance ambulance is located. Food is also provided and NGOs are also actively participating in this.”

“Our camp is located at CST, near Azad Maidan. 1,200 plus people have been treated for problems like acidity, hypoglycaemia, headache, one patient who fainted was given medicines and sent for further treatment to St George Hospital, said a member from the team of doctors,” Vitthal More, pharmacist, BMC, A ward.