Doctor’s Premier League: Cricket fever helps keep Nagpur docs fit

You might be familiar with the Twenty 20 format of cricket, as Indian cricket has taken this format and helped young talent emerge into the limelight. On similar lines doctors from Nagpur have taken this idea and utilised it in a way so that doctors can find a fun outlet at the end of the day.  Playing cricket also helps the doctors remain aware about the importance of fitness in their day to day lives

Doctor’s Premier League: Cricket fever helps keep Nagpur docs fit

These doctors have taken this idea and remoulded it in a unique way. The doctors were auctioned like player are during the IPL, with the exception that there wasn’t any money involved. This was also a good exercise to increase the camaraderie among the doctors.

For instance, before the start of the tournament teams were formed and auctioned. There were team owners who had created different teams, with each field representing a different field of medicine. The general motive behind this idea was to encourage fitness among doctors. It was also a fun and healthy way for them to blow off some steam.

The Academy of Medical Sciences, Nagpur, which is an association of around 2,000 specialist doctors, conducted its annual cricket carnival at Ambedkar ground on Sunday, January 20. Dr Harish Warbhe, President of Academy stated that, this was eights year of cricket carnival being played in IPL format.

The players were auctioned by team owners. There were six teams as ‘Brain-Stormers,’ ‘Gastro-Cardiac,’ ‘Nephro-Warriers,’ ‘Radio-Royals,’ ‘Pulmo-Powers’ & ‘Nobel-Rescures.’

Dr Harish Warbhe, President, Academy of Medical Science, Nagpur, “With a rising number of patients, the doctors are also overburdened. Owing to which, they can’t look after their fitness. So, to keep the doctors fit, we decided to start a cricket league. So, that the doctors also remain fit, and the message of the importance of fitness also gets percolate in the society.”

Teams played in league cum knock out format over 2 weeks and 2 teams have qualified for finals.

Apart from cricket, it is fun filled family event where doctors and their families come to enjoy the event.

It was jam-packed program which started with double wicket matches amongst senior academy members, cricketing skills amongst ladies members followed by grand final which was fought between Brain Stormers and Pulmo Powers. Brain Stormers won in tight finish while chasing 90 runs losing 7 wickets.

Dr Warbhe added, “This will help the doctors to stay fit, healthy and their stress level also can be controlled with this.”

The award ceremony was graced by Faiz Fazal, captain of winning Ranji and Irani trophy Vidarbha cricket team along with Dr Ashish Agrawal, note sports physiotherapist of the city.

Dr Warbhe further said, “Our doctors cricket league (DCL) was on the similar lines of Indian Premier League (IPL). This year was the eighth year of our Doctors Cricket League. And, considering the importance of fitness, we will organise such leagues in the future too.”

Dr Ajay Ambade, Secretary thanked all the players and team owners for their sporting spirit. He thanked all the players, advisors Dr Raju Khandelwal and Dr Rajesh Ballal and conveners Dr Sachin Khandekar and Dr Ajay Deshpande for their untiring efforts for making this carnival a big success.

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