Doctors, government come to an impasse over NMC Bill

Meanwhile, resident doctors from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and medical students across the country have launched a protest against the NMC Bill. The medical students have already shown the dissent against the government's proposal


  • The standoff between the Indian Medical Association (IMA) and the Union government is likely to be aggravated 
  • The IMA has decided to oppose the Nation Medical Commission Bill 2019, which has been introduced in the parliament  by Union Health Minister 
  • IMA alleges the government is legalising quackery by empowering community health providers to practice medicine endangering the lives of people 

The Indian Medical Association, on Tuesday, July 23, decided to oppose the proposed draft of NMC Bill which has been introduced in the parliament. Doctors and the government are at an impasse over the clause of Community Health Providers in the bill.

While speaking to the press in Delhi, Dr R V Asokan, Honorary Secretary General, IMA said, “Community Health Providers is the single largest threat to the health of the nation. On the other hand, 50 percent of the qualified MBBS graduates will not be allowed to practice modern medicine due to the coupling of NEET and NEXT. While the government is going to allow the quacks to practice under the pretext that there is a shortage of doctors, the government in their wisdom are refusing a license to practice to a qualified MBBS graduate.”

The IMA in its press releases stated, 

The lack of vision and clarity in coupling the NEET and NEXT is striking. 

The licentiate examination will license the minimum qualified person to practice medicine, NEET will be selecting the best student aspiring for the postgraduate medical education

Provision to fix fees of private medical colleges capped at 50 percent of the seats has been further diluted to framing guidelines only. 

Now 100 percent seats in the private medical colleges will be deregulated regarding the fees subject to nonbinding guidelines. 

This effectively removes the poor and middle-class reckoning the seats  

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“NMC Bill also violates the six major cardinal principals. Anatomy, exclusivity, patients care and safety, right to democracy, federalism and equal opportunities. The Bill needs serious mind application from the parliamentarians. It would strike the death knell of the medical profession in the current format,” said IMA President, Dr Shantanu Sen.

Meanwhile, resident doctors from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and medical students across the country have started protesting against the NMC Bill.  The medical students have already shown dissent against the government’s proposal.