Maha: Doctors giving their all to ensure survival of premature born twins

A tribal woman in Dharni, Amravati has given birth to twin girls who were prematurely born at just seven months. The birth weight of these baby girls is extremely low. The doctors have said that the survival rate of such babies is very low, but they are doing their best to take care of these babies and ensure that they live on

  • The woman delivered the twins on Saturday, August 26.
  • The twin baby girls were born weighing just 550 grams and 450 grams at a Sub District Hospital in Dharni.
  • The girls are being monitored in a special chamber in the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Vipin Khadse, Medical Officer at the Sub district Hospital, in Dharni taluka, Amravati district, said, “This is the fourth day that the babies have survived. If their weight stays the same or gets even lower in the next 10 days, then their chances of survival are very low. In order to increase their weight, they are being breastfed through a pipe. They kept under the observation of Dr Swapnil Gajbhiye who is a paediatrician. Although they have low immunity, so far they haven’t acquired any infections.”

Dr Khadse added, “We have administered antibiotic to them. We were willing to transfer them to another hospital for better healthcare. But the father of the girls, Sagar Jambekar was not ready to do this as he wanted them to be treated at a place familiar to them. We are doing our best to ensure the survival of these twins. Dr Hemant Bhilawekar who is the medical superintendent at the hospital is assisting me and Dr Swapnil in monitoring their health.”

He further informed, “In our hospital, in every second delivery the baby’s is born with low birth weight and 3 to 4 extremely low birth weight cases are witnessed per month in Melghat region.”

Dr Hemant Bhilawekar, Medical Superintendent at the Sub District Hospital, said, “Their weigh t has now increased to 490 and 530 grams respectively. Now, the challenge before us is to ensure that they reach the weight of 1.5 kilos within 2-3 months. They can survive only if they reach this weight goal. It is our responsibility to ensure their survival.”

While doctors in cities have sophisticated machines and expertise at their disposal, doctors in tribal areas are faced with the challenges of poor infrastructure and unpredictable load-shedding. The doctors at this hospital have seen to it that the room in which the twins are kept is free from any germ contamination.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Sunil Janged, Chief Neonatologist and Director of Jivanata Children Hospital in Udaipur, Rajasthan, who has several years of experience in dealing with such fragile cases, said, “A coordinated team effort between doctors and nurses is of utmost importance. The time period between 10-15 days is fraught with major risk. For example, the babies can develop an infection, bleeding in the brain or lung problems can occur.”