Doctors from the US to treat Mumbai’s Champion

Champion, the dog who was found wounded on a highway is all set to be treated by two doctors from the USA. Moreover, the dog will be getting a specialized 3d-modeled prosthetics that avoid his amputation surgery at the moment


For all the dog lovers, here’s the good news – Champion, the dog that was found by passers-by in a critical condition with his front paws, penis and testicles cut off on November 18 is all set to get back on his feet soon.

 After many NGOs refused help, they got in touch with Jibin Carlos, a volunteer with AMTM and then got Champion admitted to their facility. Now soon, Champion will be getting a new set of prosthetics, which will be a specialised 3d one, which will avoid his amputation surgery. Moreover, two doctors from the USA — Dr Hermès & Dr Nikolai Adams, who are surgeons and specialists in veterinary prosthetics, will fly down on Monday to start his treatment.

 “The prosthetics treatment will cost about 1200-1600 dollars as of now. He is currently stable. We are in a process of making a 3d prosthetics. All of this will start on Monday,” said Ganesh Nayak, founder of Animals Matter To Me (AMTM).


 The legs would be a specialized one. Basically, to avoid the amputation surgery that would cause blood loss, a 3d-modeled limb would be made that would allow him to walk around.

 “There won’t be any restrictions per se. He would also be trained to walk accordingly. His measurements have been taken. Procedures will start from Monday onwards. This should roughly cost around Rs 60,000,” said Daivik Mahamuni, product designer and 3D printing consultant who is currently looking after Champion’s prosthetics.

“AMTM is thankful to many who came ahead for Champion. He is one lucky boy who has recovered brilliantly and is almost ready for prosthetics. We are hoping that all goes well and we see this boy running all over again. There are many cases with us who are victims of cruelty and we hope we garner support for them too. We also request that if you cannot help why harm anyone,” said Nayak.

Champion was found in a critical condition with his paws and genitals chopped off in Mira-Bhayandar is now ready to be operated say it’s caregivers.

Soon after My Medical Mantra had broken the story, it went viral on Twitter with several people tweeting best wishes for the dog. Celebrities, including John Abraham, RJ Malishka, Richa Chaddha and Rangita Pritish Nandy, writer of films Airlift and Chef tweeted in Champion’s support.