Doctors from Nandurbar make a short film on doctor-patient relationship

Vipareet, a short film by doctors from Nandurbar district of Maharashtra underlines the fractured relations between doctor and patient. When the doctor patient relations have reached to its low point, it is doctors now who are trying to have healthy relations with patients now


The short film is directed, acted and funded by like-minded doctors who want to restore the doctor-patient relations back to normal. The film mentions that even doctors are human beings and so they should not be seen as God.

Even they experience pain and anguish and they work long-hours at times going without sleep. Yet, patients have begun to lose trust in doctors and generalise them as people who are greedy for money. To shatter this distrust, doctors from Nandurbar came together to make this short film, which carries a crucial message to the masses.

Dr Rajesh Koli, an MS ENT, who himself has acted in the film, said, “As the doctor-patient relations are at an all-time low, we thought why not to take a responsibility of rebuilding that trust. We have underlined our issues in the film. We will soon upload the film on YouTube, so that maximum people can see it. Our main motive was to put our side and make common people understand that doctors are also human beings. This short film is based on true events.”

The duration of the film is 30 minutes. It was screened in some of the theatres in Nandurbar; it was also screened at the IMA’s National Conference in Delhi recently.

Dr Sujit Patil, Dr Rajesh Koli, Dr Shirish Shinde, Dr Rajkumar Patil, Dr Prashant Thakare and Dr Prasad Thakare; are some of the doctors who have contributed in the making of this short film.

There has been a spate of incidents in the past where doctors have been assaulted, with the most prominent doctor attack being an assault on a resident doctor from JJ Hospital, after which the doctors had gone on strike for four days.