Kedgaon: Doctors from Mumbai’s Tata Cancer Hospital have near brush with death

The incident occurred in the wee house of Saturday morning around 4 a.m., 42 people were on-board the luxury bus. The driver died on impact


The accident happened as the luxury bus collided with a trailer on the Kedgaon bypass highway. There were 40 doctors on the bus who are attached to Mumbai’s Tata Cancer Hospital, 20 doctors have been injured due to the collision.


While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Superintendent of Police (SP) Ahmednagar, Ranjan Kumar Sharma, “The accident took place in the early hours of Saturday morning at 4 a.m., we sent a team of inspectors on the spot of the accident. The driver of the luxury bus has died. In total, there were 42 people on-board – 40 doctors; one driver and one cleaner.  The injured have been admitted to the Nobel Hospital, Apex Hospital, Max Care and Civil Hospital. One of the injured persons is critical and has been kept in the ICU. The doctors who were on-board the luxury bus, work at Mumbai’s Tata Cancer Hospital.”


According to information provided by Tata Cancer Hospital’s Public Relations Officer (PRO), S.H. Jafri, the accident occurred before sunrise, some of the doctors are injured and  they are being treated.

The Maharashtra Chapter of Association of Radiation Oncologist of India at Aurangabad was to start from September 01. About 40 radiation oncology doctors from Mumbai had left in a tourist bus to attend this conference and majority of them were from Tata Memorial Hospital.
Few were from other hospital like Fortis Hospital and other hospital of Mumbai. They left by bus at 7:30 pm on August 31 from Mumbai. Near Ahmednagar around 3:30 to 4:00 am there was a sudden jolt felt by everyone in the bus and then they realise that something had hit their bus.
As per the information received from a doctor on-board, most of doctors have bruises and laceration, three doctors had severe injuries and the treatment is being offered at local hospital at Ahmednagar.