Doctors’ For You take initiative to help flood-affected in Bihar, Assam

The recent floods in Bihar and Assam have recently caused huge distress as well as destruction in the different areas of both the states. ‘Doctors For You’ (DFY) have taken up the cause for helping the one’s in distress

Doctors' For You take initiative to help flood-affected in Bihar, Assam

Natural disasters, in most cases, leave us at mercy of lord. Destruction, distress and complete life reversal are the key words that come to mind when it comes to natural calamities. The recent floods at Bihar and Assam have caused same in the life of many.

Doctors’ For You (DFY) have now started with an online petition to collect funds for the floods. The condition is so bad there (Bihar and Assam) that most of the people are even consuming the flood water for their daily purposes.

Doctors' For You take initiative to help flood-affected in Bihar, Assam

“Our members, engaged in relief work, have seen many people use floodwater for drinking, defecation and other purposes. They have no option as the villages have been inundated for days and there is no highland nearby. This brings the threat of cholera and other water-related diseases,” the group convener, Mridul Kumar Deka said.

DFY have received permission to implement the minimum initial support package (MISP) in two districts of Bihar currently. “DFY got the permission to implement MISP in two flood-affected districts of Bihar — Araria and Bettiah. However, for both states, we will have a targeted approach with household as the target unit. With the initial seed fund, we will target around 1000 households in each state. Target households will be selected, based on discussion with panchayat members, community and women,” said Deva Prasad, Media Coordinator of DFY.

“Furthermore, we are planning to target two other districts such as Katihar and Purnia. Hygiene kits and delivery kits for pregnant women will be distributed as first priority in Assam,” he added.

For making donations for the floods:

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