Doctors Day: ‘We do not get de-motivated because of few attacks’

Dr Rohan Sequeira, a consulting physician with Jaslok Hospital and Medical Director of St. Elizabeth hospital, Mumbai, was attacked by patient’s relatives when the patient died

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“When you know that you have acted in the best interest of the patient, you should continue to serve the society,” says Dr Rohan Sequira. This is the thought of a doctor, who was attacked in the past by the relatives of the patient. Dr Sequira continues to serve the society.

Dr Sequeira, while speaking to My Medical Mantra, said, “The patient was admitted with a severe medicinal reaction in the hospital. We tried our best to save the patient. But, when the patient dies, relatives and friends of the patient don’t understand that there are some things on which nobody can control. Death is an act of God.”

He represents all the doctors, who enter the profession with an aim to serve the society. And, the attacks on such doctors do not stop them from serving society. “I entered this profession because I wanted to serve the society. Medicine is my calling. We do not get de-motivated just because of few attacks on us. Even those serving in the army or police do not stop their work because of the fear that somebody might attack them,” he mentioned.

There are many medical students, who raise the issue of lack of protection in the wake of rising attacks by people. When asked what message he would like to give them, he said, “All students should know that they are very fortunate that they are getting a chance to make a dying person come alive. There will be attacks, but one should follow the passion of serving people through this profession.”