Doctors cut out 60% of a woman’s liver to save her life

As the tumour-like mass in the right side of her liver proved to be life-threatening, doctors at D.Y. Patil Hospital in Navi Mumbai carried out a six hour long surgical procedure to extract the mass

Doctors cut out 60% of a woman’s liver to save her life
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Since the past several years, Malatabai Kadam has been having severe stomach pains. The 52-year-old resident of Bhokar village in Nanded district decided to visit a hospital to find out the reason behind her unbearable stomach pain.

At Ambajogai’s Swami Ramananda Tirtha Civil Hospital she met Dr Sudhir Deshmukh. Dr Deshmukh diagnosed her with a condition called liver hemangioma, wherein blood vessels in her live had formed knots, which grew into a tumour-like mass. A mass of 50 centimetres was protruding from the right side of her liver. Dr Deshmukh recommended her to undergo a surgery.

She was transferred to D.Y. Patil Hospital in Navi Mumbai. On June 15, a surgical team performed an operation upon Kadam. The team consisted of Dr Kailash Jawade, Dr Meena Kumar, Dr Abhishek Mahadik, D.Y. Patil Hospital dean Dr Surka Patil, D.Y. Patil CEO Dr Anupama Karmaka, and Dr Vijay Patil. The surgery went on for the duration of five hours.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Kailash Jawade, surgeon and professor from the surgery department said, “In the surgery, we had to remove 60 per cent of her liver from the right side, the left side of the liver is small, but as her right side was affected we had to take it out. This procedure is known as a lobectomy.”

Dr Jawade added, “Among 1 lakh people, this problem occurs in only 8 to 9 cases. When these cases happen, the tumour-like mass has to be removed as it can burst and causes internal bleeding if a person falls or some object impacts the area. Obstacles in normal blood vessel development can lead to this condition. Operation is necessary for the patient.”

Speaking on the condition of the patient, Dr Jawade said, “After the surgery, she was recovering in the ICU for 3 days. Now she has begun to show signs of improvement and will be discharged soon.”

Dr Anurag Shrimal from Mumbai’s Wockhardt Hospital said, “This condition can occur since birth if blood vessels do not develop in a proper manner. Most people can lead a regular life with this condition. And only in extremely rare cases does it have to be operated upon.”