Doctor’s caution mothers from reusing the same spoons to feed their kids

Do you use the feed your child with the spoon that you yourself are using? Or do you use the same spoon to feed two children. If your answer to any of the questions given above is yes, then today we will inform you why you should refrain from continuing this practice


Reusing the same spoon to your children could be injurious to their health. Health experts have stated that doing so can increase the chances of the cavities.

They also warn parents against feeding them with the same spoon from which they are eating their meal, as it can cause the child to develop similar allergies from which the parents suffer from. Or spread viral disease, if the parent in question is suffering from cough, cold or fever.

This can also primarily affect their oral and dental and have adverse impact on it.

According to experts, it may increase the risk of cavities, due to germs spreading from one child’s mouth to the other. This is commonly observed between siblings, and not among families which have just one child. Apart from this, it might also increase the spread of those diseases, which can be caused due to the transfer of saliva from one person to another.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, in relation with this health issue, Dr Sandhya Nayak, Head of the Public Health Dentistry Department at Mumbai’s Government Dental College, stated, “Often, in homes where is more than one child, parent’s tend to use the same spoon to feed both the children. However, doing so can prove to be harmful to dental and physical health of the children.”

Dr Nayak explained, “ If one child among the two has pre-existing cavities, then using the same spoon to feed the other child; can increase his/her chances of risk of developing cavities  by a greater margin.”

“That is why, if possible, parents should probably avoid using one spoon for two kids,” she added.

While Dr J.B. Garde, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon attached with MA Rangoonwala College of Dental Sciences and Research Centre in Pune, said, “While eating parents have a habit of feeding their kids with the same spoon which they are using to feed themselves. Doing this can have detrimental effects to the child’s health as it can transfer the viruses, bacteria or germs from parent to child. This can increase their risk of being infected and thereby falling ill.”

He added, “If parents have certain allergies, the n it possible for the child to also develop them if the parents tends to use the same spoon to feed their child. Using the same spoon cause health problems in the child’s throat, it can also increase their risk of developing bronchitis. Apart from these conditions, it can also spread hepatitis and TB from the parent’s saliva to the child, if the parent is suffering from that disease.”

Dr Sandhaya Nayak, further elavorated, “Not only spoons, parents should also avoiding using the same plate and water bottle for two children. In other words, each child should be given a separate plate and water bottle, and parents must use a difference spoon to feed the other child.

She concluded saying , “Also, if the parents are suffering from cold, cough or fever then there are chances of the child to get infected if they use the same spoon to feed them. Hence, it would be wise decision to use another spoon while feeding your child.”

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