Doctor steps in as ‘Good Samaritan’ helps in easing treatment of  farmer’s son

A sick baby who is just 4 months old baby was accompanied by his grandparents when they had visited Dr Amol’s hospital. Dr Amol, who hails from Vijapur, Aurangabad, helped the poor grandparents who are farmers, by reducing the bill amount and promising vaccination for free. He says farmers are not only economically and mentally weak. All what they need are a few comforting words

Doctor steps in as 'Good Samaritin' helps in easing treatment of farmer's son

Farmers in Maharashtra are reeling under severe crises, drought since the last three consecutive years and now the prices of the agri-products have touched a new low. Due to which the debt ridden farmers are committing suicide. But, there are ‘Good Samaritans’, who are stepping forward to help the farmers in whatever and whichever way they can, one of them is Dr Amol Anndate.

Dr Anndate, who hails from Vijapur, Aurangabad, encountered an unusual situation two days ago. A four month old sick baby who was accompanied by his grandparents had visited his hospital. Initially they were hesitant to speak, but after much enquiry the grandparents revealed a series of incidents which had sealed the tragic fate of this infant.

Doctor steps in as 'Good Samaritin' helps in easing treatment of farmer's son

Speaking to My Medical Mantra Dr Amol said, “The grandparents informed me that, the baby’s mother passed away eight days after his birth and after this incident of his mother’s death, five days later his father committed suicide and the responsibility of his upbringing had fallen upon them.”

Dr Annadate added, “After listening to their heart wrenching story, I promised them to do baby’s vaccination course for free which amounts for 25 thousand. We even reduced the cost of medication from 2000 to 200 rupees”.

Dr Amol said, “I am not saying that doctors should treat farmers and poor patients for free but we can at least adopt a sensitive approach towards them. That’s why I decided to do my bit from my side of the situation.”

The Kadam family resides in Bilwani village in Aurangabad district; the grandfather had brought the baby into the multispecialty hospital in Vaijapur, Aurangabad.

“Due to adversities farmers are not only economically but also are emotionally fragile. All they need is comforting words and it can give a major boost to their will power to fight these adversities. Only economical help is not enough. If it is supplemented by the understanding words, then farmers do forget their worries for the time being” added Dr Amol Annadate.

We helped the family to enrol for Mahatma Phule Janarogya Yojna as well. “Doctors have certain status in society and their kind words can help farmers a lot. Also, a couple of phone calls to ease their few problems should not be a problem. Doctors can help farmers in this way,” said Dr Annadate.