Doctor creates WhatsApp groups for obesity and diabetes free India

Obesity means having too much body fat. Factors that might affect your weight include your genetic makeup, overeating, eating high-fat foods, and not being physically active. Obesity increases your risk of heart disease and so on. It also causes diabetes which is difficult to treat


To help people to get rid of diabetes and obesity, in the year 2012, Dr Jagannath Dixit started an obesity and diabetes free campaign. This campaign is there since five years through social media. For which, 99 WhatsApp group have been formed. And the patient can share his information and problems. And the doctor suggests the treatment accordingly. Now, 60 doctors are working through this group.

Spekaing to My Medical Mantra, Dr Jagannath Dixit, HOD of community medicine and Professor Govt Medical College, Latur said, “If a person is diagnosed with diabetes. He/she is dependent on medications. But according to the research, diabetes can be controlled with taking medication and by following a healthy diet (diet therapy). We have studied 400 patients through diet therapy. Due to which, some lost weight and even their diabetes was in control.”

He added, “Diabetics have to take insulin throughout their life.  However, obesity and diabetes can be controlled, if you eat food twice, follow the dietary restrictions and walk regularly. The name of the group is ‘Obesity And Diabetes Free India’. There are 99 WhatsApp groups and which have 11,000 followers. People from 21 states have been associated with us.

There are diabetics and pre-diabetics. Proper guidance is provided free of charge by the doctors to those who seek advice through this group.

Dr Veda Nalawade, a Homeopath from Pune said, “Since many years, Doctor Dixit is creating awareness amongst people. I joined it, as soon as I came to know about this initiative. Through this initiative, guidance is given on how much quantity of food should be eaten to prevent diabetes and obesity.”

Diet therapy:

  • Food should be consumed between 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
  • One can consume buttermilk or coconut water in between the meals
  • Eat 2 to 3 slices of tomato
  • Walk as much as you can
  • Rathish Vishwanath

    give me the tips to reduce sugar

  • Rahul Sharma

    Watsapp 8700909243 for details

  • Lata Kulkarni

    Does yoga and pranayam help to reduce hyperinsulinamia? Has exercise any effect on insulin resistance?
    I am a Dr. myself.

  • Sridhar Rout

    Do Excess gas/acidity cause dizziness, can the gas enter into head/brain and head starts circling..followed by vomiting…

  • Mande Uday

    Dear Sir,
    I Uday Arun Mande 47 years old from Ambajogai now lives in Pune and working in Sinhgad College of Engineering Pune. I am type 1 dibetic from 25 years and takes regularly insulin for survival. Due to long period of dibetic i am facing severe problem of dibetic retinopathy. Taken multiple times injection Avasthin for it but of no use and still there is sweling on my retina. Sir please guide me to come out of this condition, I am taking insulin novorapid thrice in a day and insulin baselog one time at night. Still my suger pattern is tumbling between 50 to 350. Recently HBA1C comes out 8.1
    Please guide me

    Thanking you and eager to meet you

  • Drshashikant Landge

    HBA1C 6.8
    HB 10.1
    T3 82
    T4 7.8
    TSH. 2.28
    CALCIUM 8.6
    CREAT 0 .81
    VITD3 26.1


  • Madhura G. Divate

    Good morning Doctor. Thanks a lot for your lectures on youtube. I am Madhura Divate from Kharghar. My job is on desk job in CIDCO Ltd. C.B.D. Belapur as an Architect. My ht. is 5 feet & weight is 72 kg. I need to loose 22 kgs. I am following your instructions. ie. to eat at 9.00 am, & 5.00 p.m. only. but at 1.00 o`clock in the afternoon I take 2 glasses of buttermilk. at 9.00 p.m. I eat in a small amount & in morning at 6.00 am I drink a warm water with lemon & honey. This I am doing since last 3 weeks. now the problem is — after eating at 9.00 am I vomate. I am feeling weakness. Please please guide me.

  • Dilip Deshmukh

    Please guide me to reduce diabitis

  • Dilip Deshmukh

    please share dr dixit sir mobile no. and i would like to join wahtts app group

  • Louis Shelke

    Please tell me on which number shall I send my report

  • Vinita Ganbote

    Can you pls add me on what’s app group for wt loss.

  • Sachin Korde

    My details are as below
    Height 172.72 cm
    Weight 85 kg
    Waist 42″
    Fasting insulin 12.70
    HBA1C 5.21 %
    Mean blood glucose 102.83 mg
    Please suggest me diet plan.

  • Karunakar poojary

    My details are as below
    Name Karunakar Poojary
    Age 43 years
    Height 165 cm
    Weight 72 kg
    Waist 90 cm
    HBA1C 6.5
    Fasting Sugar 150 mg/dL
    PP- 135 mg/dL
    Date of report 15.07.18
    Medicine- Reclimate OD 30 and Teniva M (500mg) each Morning and night, Telsartain H 40mg

    Diabetic since 2009
    whats app no 9322021234

    Please suggest me diet plan.

  • Sachin Korde

    I have already filled up EWL form but no any reply.

  • Kamalnath Raut

    My details are as below
    Name Kamalnath Raut
    Age 65 years
    Height 167 cm
    Weight 63 kg
    HBA1C 6.8%
    Fasting insulin 5.7 ulU/ml
    Date of report 10.08.18
    Diabetes detected December 2017 while undergoing treatment for urine infection. HBA1C 14.6%
    Treatment currently Ayurvedic medicine before breakfast and after dinner
    whats app no 9920142278
    Please suggest me diet plan.


    My mobile no. is 9892625030. I want in English the links for weight reduction. I am not a DIABETIC but I got a Stroke 14 years ago and my Blood pressure is normal now and has been so from the time I got the Stroke.

  • Pramod

    Hello Doctor,
    My details are as below
    Name Pramod
    Age 32 years
    Height 172 cm
    Weight 73 kg
    HBA1C 10.1%
    Fasting sugar 190 mg/DL
    PP sugar 248 mg/DL
    Date of report 13.08.18
    Diabetes detected in this month while undergoing regular checkup
    Treatment currently: Gluconorm G2 (2 tablets is a day – before lunch and dinner)
    whats app no 9075249445
    Please advice me on treatment

  • Pratik Patil

    My details for joining your whatapp group are as below :
    Name: Pratik Patil
    Age: 44 years
    Height: 166 cm
    Weight: 76 kg
    HBA1C: 8.041%
    Fasting insulin: 11.49 ulU/ml
    Date of report: 18.08.2018.
    I am a politician and hereditary diabetic.
    My whats app no. 8668824081.
    Please suggest my diet plan.

  • Pratik Patil

    Is this genuine Dr. Jagannath Dixit created WhatsApp groups for obesity and diabetes free India group site. I have received a advertising from G.Rammohan B.TECH from mobile no. 7981469384 on my whatsapp no.
    Please verify as our whatsapp number seems to be misused.

  • Rupali Karekar Jadhav

    Dear Sir,
    I am Rupali Rakesh Jadhav, 42 years old. Fasting sugar 107 & Post is 97
    Age 42 years
    Hight 165 cms
    Weight 89 Kgs
    Waist 100 cms
    HBA1C 6.5
    Fasting insulin 107
    Post Prandial 97
    Date of report 03.08.2018
    whats app no 9920483803

  • vasant

    My details are as below
    Name Vasant Shetty
    Age 51 years
    Height 177cm
    Weight 79 kg
    HBA1C 6%
    glucose fasting 103
    glucose pp 93
    Date of report 18.08.18
    whats app no 9820048482

    Please suggest me diet plan.

  • Hrishi Kadam

    shobha pralhad Kadam
    Age . 51
    Fasting insulin 11.5
    HbA1C . 8.30
    Weight 100kg
    Height. 162cm
    Whatsapp no. 7090342333
    Post Suger with tablets 132

  • Sandeepnaik Naik

    Ism sandeep type 1 diabetes 30years iam having ckd stage 3 can
    you please suggest diet hbaic is 6.2
    Diet please

  • Sangeeta Raykar

    I would like to discuss on diet plan

    Can you please call or message me

  • Shambhavi munoli

    Sir I am from solapur.can I sent my details i want to join ur what is the procedure

  • Shambhavi munoli

    Sir from 9.5.2016.i found to be diabatic.only in motn may 16 was my fasting glucose was 164and pp glucode was jan 2018 my hba1c was 6.4.during 2 years my glucose level was between 110 tp 170 varing everu three moths.but never above 200.before may 2016 i was not weigt is 71 whats app no is 9960221592.


    R/ Dr I am 46 years old diabetic since 2 years plz suggest me diet plan

  • Bhalchandra Anant Mahajan

    PL help me to get WhatsApp group no. Of Mumbai

  • Pakija shaikh

    I am 45 years old
    height 160 cm
    weight 87kg

    have hypothyroidism from 7 years and have 150mg tablet have 8u kg weight and 5.7 ft height want to loose weight plss suggest diet plan 8828198821 whatspp no.

  • Pakija shaikh

    I pakija shaikh
    Age 45
    Height 160cm
    Weight 87kg have hypothyroidism firm 7 years suggest diet plan plds

  • Sulbha khanna

    Dear sir, I am Mrs Sulbha khanna. I am 64 years old. I have dibetiesdsince 2011. My test on 4th september 2018 are as below. HbA1c 6.5H, blood sugar fasting 98.71 height 5feet 2 inch, weight 75 mobile number is 9818284008. Please suggest me diet plan

  • Deepak Pilke

    how to join group .. Need to send report

  • Rajani Tiwari

    I want to join your whatsapp group
    Can tell me the procedure
    My whatsapp no. Is 9890978524

  • Ashok Khedkar

    Dear Sir,
    I am Ashok Bhanudas Khedkar , 53 years old. Fasting sugar 145.1 & Post is 251
    Age 42 years
    Hight 165 cms
    Weight 89 Kgs
    Waist 100 cms
    HBA1C 8.6
    Fasting insulin 107
    Post Prandial 97
    Date of report 01.08.2018
    whats app no 9146142229

  • Ashok Khedkar

    No any responses where I contact please give me WhatsApp number


    Hello Dr.
    My name is Nikhil from. BADLAPUR in Thane. My height is 5.7 and my weight is 73kg. I want to discuss about my diet plant according to daily routine. Currently I am doing morning walk around 4.5km and 2 time meal. In between I am having Black coffee, Tomato..

    Please add me in correct wassup group to discuss further. My contact:9561659680

  • Darshana Tambe Gajbhiye

    Hello doctor .. my name is darshana from mumbai 31 yrs old. My height 5 .1 ‘ …and weight is 68.4kg…i want to reduce the weight ..please add me in correct watss up no. 9595429831

  • Rashmi Pawar

    Dear Sir,
    My name is Rashmi Pawar. I am 27 years old. My height is 5.2″ and my weight is 68kg. I want to reduce my weight and want to know about the diet plan. Currently I go to Gym and do a workout of around 1 and half hr. 9673056496 is my contact no. Kindly add me to correct wats up group.

  • Sushama Manore

    Name: Sushama Manore
    Age: 54 years
    Height: 5.1
    Weight: 72kg
    Waist: 46cm
    HbA1c: 7.07%
    Estimated average Glucose: 156.21
    Date of report: 16/6/2018
    Medicine: GluforminXL500 (Morning 1/2 and Night 1/2 ie 250mg Morning and Night)

    Kindly suggest me a diet plan.

    Please add me in correct whatsapp group for further discussion.
    My contact number is 9769315570

  • Harshita Jadhav

    Hi I am 21 years old. A graduate student from nashik. I am suffering from obesity so please guide me to loose my weight as early as possible . My contact no 8530581942

  • surabhe mishrra

    My name is Surabhe Mishrra , from pune
    I had my spine surgery with placement of two plates and six screws in 2014 of may six th .after that so many problems occurred .. obesity , sometimes sugar , high b p , leg cramps , joint pains etc ..
    I want to reduce my weight but without lack of minerals in body .. I need to cut down my b p and sugar and Utica acid also ..
    pl guide me … I m in business so always busy schedule is there .

  • Sagar Gaikwad

    My details Are as Below
    Name Sagar Gaikwad
    Ht 5.9″ Wt 88 KG
    Hba1C 5.7
    Date of report 3/10/2018
    whatsup app no 9096160237

  • Anil Baburao Satpute

    My details are as below
    Name Anil Baburao Satpute
    Age: 57 years
    Height: 167.20 cm
    Weight: 74.3 kg
    Waist: 106.21 cm
    HBA1C: 8.4 %
    Fasting insulin: 8.60 ulU/ml
    Date of report: 07/10/2018

    I am having vertigo since last 5 years.
    Medicine: 1) Vertin-8, twice a day, 2) Glimy-1 mg & Losar-50 one in the morning.
    WhatsApp no 9869002232
    Please suggest me diet plan

  • hanumant jadhav

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  • Please add me in what’s app group .my number is 8349001777

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