Doctor couple donated body of their 34 week stillborn boy

A 34 weeks stillborn baby boy’s body was donated in Bhopal on Thursday, September 13. A dentist couple from Bhopal donated their stillborn son’s body to All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), Bhopal

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Imagine the pain and anguish a mother goes through when she realises that her child is stillborn. The couple had waited for eight long years for a bundle of joy in their lives, but fate had something else in store for them. But what the couple took a brave and inspiring decision to donate their precious infants body to a medical institute.

Donating one’s body after death is always said to be a noble deed. But it is very rare occasion, wherein parents of 34 week stillborn baby boy have donated his body for medical science.

While the medical education community suffers from the lack of dead bodies for teaching and research, this is being held as inspiring act by many experts.

Dr Prashant Tripathi and Dr Pooja Tripathi are both dentists working in Bhopal. After eight years of married life it was a happy occasion for them when Pooja was pregnant for the first time. But that happiness would be short-lived as Pooja gave birth to a stillborn baby. Prashant said, “It was happy occasion for all of us. But life is unpredictable. We all grieved when our baby boy was stillborn. I talked with my wife and without any hesitation, she said yes. My parents also supported our decision.”

While it was heartbreaking for her to see the baby being stillborn, it must have been even more difficult to give their child’s body to a medical college for research.

“We both come from a medical background. We know how difficult it is to get a dead body for the purpose of study and observation. I thought we could also motivate others, who have faced similar circumstances with our example and it could be a good help for the medical education. Many a times it is our culture which restricts us from doing such noble acts. But, we should never stop and we should create an example for society. Body donation is always a great social service,” he added.