Doctor attacks: Declare hospitals a safe zone, urges IMA

In the run up to International Doctors Day on July 01, IMA doctor have adopted the theme of ‘Zero tolerance for violence against health professionals and clinical establishments.’ Any behaviour that is responsible for physical or emotional harm to the healthcare persons is violence

Doctor attacks: Declare hospitals a safe zone, urge IMA members

  • Since January 2015 to August 2016, 44 cases of doctor’s attack have been reported in total reported.
  • In the year 2016, 198 cases were reported, where doctors were attacked either by the patient’s relatives or by the patient themselves.
  • As per WHO data in 2014, 600 doctors in 19 countries were attacked while they were at work.

In the month of May, two juniors at Mumbai’s state-run JJ Hospital were attacked by angry relatives of a patient. As a result of this the resident doctors had gone on strike for four days.

The Indian Medical Association will be observing a ‘Safe Fraternity week’ from July 01 to July 08, 2018

Dr Ravi Wankhedkar, IMA National President, said, “Violence against doctors is seriously threatening. It is an effect of unwell, pathetically backed healthcare system.”

He added, “The hospitals cannot be allowed to become war zones as sick people need a peaceful environment and the doctors also need a stable and peaceful ambience for delivering 100% selfless quality care. Because of violence doctors have started practicing defensive medicine. Finally the stressful hospital environment is making doctors as well as patients suffer the brunt.”

Healthcare violence is an act of aggression, erratic quarrelling behaviour, abusive threats to vandalise the hospitals, physical assault or any sort of threatening behaviour that occurs in hospitals.

The exposed cases of healthcare violence reach at various levels in the doors of law keepers. The system with the pressures and presence of illiterate but politically powerful people around suppress the tame, intellectual medicos. The sufferers from healthcare fraternity get lost in the in the doors of law keepers.

Considering the rising incidences of violence against doctors and hospitals, IMA has decided to initiate a pan India movement

Dr RN Tandon, Honourary Secretary of IMA, said, “Initially we will launch it from July 01 and then have a sustained intensified structured movement. Our aim is to bring this issue on centre stage and involvement of community.”

Dr Shivkumar Utture, an IMA member said, “Day by day attacks on doctors are increasing in India. But, the government is not taking any sufficient action to curb these attacks. July 01, is celebrated as ‘Doctors Day’ all over the world. So, the IMA has decided to launch the nationwide protest under the umbrella of ‘Safety Fraternity Week.’ Protesting against the increase in number of attacks on doctors”